Run with Noblis

Introducing the Run with Noblis solutions suite.

RunAcquisitions with Noblis logo with tagline your federal acquisitions done right

Built on decades of experience helping agency clients, Noblis’ RunAcquisitions solution secures and manages vendor and government interactions across the acquisition lifecycle from requests for industry input through contract award, management and task order closeout.

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RunCyberAssurance logo with tagline continuous monitoring simplified.

Noblis RunCyberAssurance meets the challenges of staying compliant in a rapidly growing and continually morphing cloud environment, helping to ensure cybersecurity compliance for both agencies and Cloud service providers (CSPs).

For Agencies

The cloud environment is not a steady-state and as federal agencies acquire cloud services, they need to ensure that CSPs comply with security authorization requirements. RunCyberAssurance helps you simplify and maintain secure cloud authorization across your agency.

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For CSPs

CSPs in the government space know achieving Authority to Operate (ATO) is not easy and once achieved, it must be continuously maintained with demonstrated compliance. RunCyberAssurance helps streamline the process for maintaining ATO.

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