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Noblis is delivering insights through analytics to stay ahead of internal and external threats

Federal agencies and private entities alike are facing great challenges in areas such as cyber situational awareness, defense of cyber physical systems and shortages in qualified staff. The burden on individuals to do the work required in these areas is great. They have the talent, but their numbers are few compared to the need. Cybersecurity professionals need a new breed of tools and techniques to act as a force-multiplier and increase their mission impact. Noblis develops solutions that combine technology and tradecraft to provide cybersecurity at scale, with speed.

Our Offerings

Computing systems and networks are under constant threat from attackers. Noblis makes client systems safer, more resilient to attack, and better able to support client missions. We specialize in the analysis of network data at scale. Utilizing advanced research and state of the art techniques, Noblis develops automated analytics that find threats and malicious behavior in large-scale client data sets. Noblis develops technologies that can make your systems more resilient to attack by automatically detecting and responding to threats. These technologies are supplemented by our analysts – experts in identifying malicious activity – who can provide direct, on-site assistance in protecting your critical systems and data.

Noblis develops analytics that can identify unusual behaviors, such as anomalous network or user behavior.   We also develop analytics that can identify threats on networks that are not visible to traditional technologies, such as intrusion detection systems.  Our analytic help our customers to defend their networks in ways that traditional defensive technologies can not.

Automated attacks hidden in large volumes of data are becoming the norm. While humans are good at recognizing threats, they can not sift through terabytes of data, identify attacks, and implement responses in real time. Noblis is developing technologies that automatically detect and respond to attacks – implementing solutions far faster than humans can – across networks and devices. These technologies can free your staff to focus on high priority challenges.

Sophisticated attackers are good at hiding their activity in regular network traffic. Experts at committing fraud work hard to make sure that their illegal activities are difficult to trace. Noblis uses state of the art analytics and machine learning to identify patterns and indicators of cyber threats and fraud.  Our technologies can help your analysts to be more effective in their jobs by helping to identify and piece together the clues that might take them months or years to find on their own.

Government systems and networks require compliance with relevant policies in order to operate. Unacceptable levels of risk can block deployment of critical hardware and services. Through careful analysis, design, and review, Noblis can work with your organization to achieve policy compliance, and to identify and mitigate potential risks to your systems and networks.

Noblis technologies are driven by interdisciplinary teams of world-class researchers in areas such as cyber security, data science, machine learning, math, statistics, physics, and economics. Our researchers include frequent presenters at, and organizers of, major conferences in their fields. Their work drives Noblis’ unique analytic technologies, while simultaneously advancing the state of the art in cyber security.

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Why Noblis?

Noblis brings cyber operations, research, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities that provide value for our clients. We leverage lessons learned, subject matter expertise and cutting edge tools to develop actionable and responsive processes. Our solutions meet unique needs in ways off-the-shelf products cannot.

RunCyberAssurance® with Noblis

Noblis RunCyberAssurance meets the challenges of staying compliant in a rapidly growing and continually morphing cloud environment, helping to ensure cybersecurity compliance for both agencies and Cloud service providers (CSPs).

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Noblis Situational Analysis

Faster Intelligence. Smarter Decisions.

Success from Collection to Conclusion

Noblis Situational Analysis automates the data-gathering process by collecting, contextualizing and connecting information so you can make critical decisions faster.
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