Developing tools and technologies to be used as a force multiplier for critical cyber missions

Federal agencies and private entities alike are facing great challenges in areas such as cyber situational awareness, defense of cyber physical systems, and shortages in qualified staff. The burden on individuals to do the work required in these areas is great. They have the talent, but their numbers are few compared to the need. Cybersecurity professionals need a new breed of tools and techniques to act as a force- multiplier and increase their mission impact. Noblis develops solutions that combine technology and tradecraft to provide cybersecurity at scale, with speed.

Our Offerings

As IoT and Industrial IoT device usage explodes, so does the potential for abuse by adversaries. This results in a unique technical and operational challenge, as many cyber-physical systems operate within lines of business, facilities, and operations, and outside of the watchful eyes of the CIO and CISO.

Noblis helps its clients detect anomalies within their network by utilizing data science and machine intelligence. Our solutions provide a front line defense against threats from both insiders and external adversaries, and have been applied to networks scaling into the hundreds of thousands of users.

The comprehensive assessment of an adversary’s capabilities, intentions, and activities in the cyber domain is crucial in forming an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Noblis’ experienced cyber threat intelligence analysts, system engineers, and trusted advisors analyze adversary activity and provide tactical, operational and strategic intelligence to help protect critical missions and services.

Cyber threats are becoming more complex and numerous every day. Through machine learning, prescriptive analytics, and orchestration, Noblis multiplies the effectiveness of experts and ensures streamlined automation.

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Why Noblis?

Noblis combines cyber operations, research, machine intelligence, and data analytics expertise with 20+ years of experience to provide value for our customers. We leverage lessons learned, subject matter expertise, and cutting edge tools to develop actionable, and responsive processes for our clients. Our solutions meet unique needs in ways off-the-shelf products cannot.