Digital Transformation

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From the micro to the macro, reimagining transformation at the speed of now

Noblis understands that digital transformation is more than a one-time project. It is an ongoing journey that includes not just an organization’s technology, but its culture. From customer-centric strategies to process optimization and data utilization, building enterprise-wide transformation means never losing sight of the human element.

Our Offerings

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Application Integration

Systems and solutions that bring people and data together can be a force multiplier for federal agencies. Our application integration expertise breaks down hardware, data and process silos, improves interoperability, enables innovation and enhances customer experiences. The outcome? A connected and agile solution that drives the organization’s digital initiatives, data-based insights and operational efficiency.

Multi-Cloud Architecture Services

Cloud architecture services are essential to organizations seeking to leverage the scalability, agility and cost-efficiency of cloud computing as they pursue digital transformation. Our services and strategic insights provide the foundation for deploying and managing cloud-based and hybrid solutions, facilitating innovation, enhancing operational capability and enabling organizations to rapidly adapt to changing market dynamics.

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Software Services

Software solutions provide the key technological capabilities to advance the mission, stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of stakeholders. Noblis’ tailored software solutions play a crucial role in enabling and driving digital transformation within organizations. They provide the tools necessary to digitize workflows, enhance customer experiences, discipline business processes and foster innovation.

Enterprise Architecture Design and Deployment

To leverage digital transformation effectively, organizations need a structured approach to technology that aligns with their strategic goals. Noblis knows that enterprise architecture plays a key role by providing a framework for aligning business objectives with technological capabilities, guiding the integration and optimization of IT infrastructure to support its digital transformation goals.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Automation Services

RPA and automation services play a significant role in driving digital transformation by automating manual, repetitive, time-intensive and rule-based tasks across various business processes. They enable organizations to streamline operations, improve efficiency, reduce errors and free up human resources to focus on more strategic activities.

Digital Design and User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Services

Digital design and UI/UX are instrumental pieces of the digital transformation journey. Our agile approach enables organizations to create compelling, user-centered experiences that exceed operational goals and drive user engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. Noblis’ expertise focuses on placing users at the center of the design process to create visually appealing, intuitive digital experiences across platforms and devices, delivering solutions that enhance customer experience, drive user adoption and deliver seamless interactions.

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Run with Noblis

The Run with Noblis solution suite addresses the evolving needs of federal agencies with the speed, performance and scale of digital solutions that create insights, automate workflow, streamline processes and drive greater outcomes.

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Improving Readiness with Advanced Modeling and Simulation

When the U.S. Navy needed to improve mission readiness for the surface ship fleet, Noblis prototyped and delivered a customized solution called OptiSource that provides strategic schedule modeling of drydocking and other maintenance periods for surface ship fleet—which includes approximately 160-200 ships and 600-800 dockings—looking out over a 30-year period. OptiSource can be customized to meet our customers’ unique needs and mission. With its powerful features and benefits, our solution delivers real-time information, improves efficiencies and forecasting capabilities and integrates into existing infrastructure/platforms. Our goal was to help stakeholders expedite decision making, workload forecasting and optimize maintenance scheduling in a common data operating environment.

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Why Noblis?

Digital transformation is not a one-time project but an ongoing journey as technology continues to evolve. It is a fundamental reimagining and restructuring of an organization’s processes, activities and strategies using digital technology as a catalyst. Noblis’ commitment to finding and developing breakthrough solutions brings strategically aligned digital technologies to our customers’ operations to improve efficiencies, enhance customer experiences and promote a culture of innovation and agility.