Imagine the Art of the Possible in Our Advanced Technology Labs

image of Noblis EHD lab space

The Noblis Innovation and Collaboration Center (NICC) is home to cutting-edge research projects that help our clients achieve their critical missions.

The NICC located at our Reston, Virginia headquarters, is where complex problems are explored to create practical, forward-thinking, sustainable solutions. It consists of laboratory spaces and collaborative work areas where our employees and clients can prototype, analyze, model, simulate and showcase results and new ideas. We offer a suite of services and tools for high-performance computing and advanced data analytics as well as development environments through a secure science and technology cloud. Our labs demonstrate cutting-edge technologies such as 3-D printers producing synthetic tissue, blockchain technology helping autonomous vehicles operate safely in air, space, water and ground domains, and more.

Our Labs focus on the domains of:

Bioinformatics • Transportation and Telecommunications • Autonomy • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence • Forensics • Cyber and Cloud • Internet of Things

We invite you to join us in the NICC. Noblis invites other organizations to join in our collaboration and, with us, innovate to solve the complex problems currently facing our nation. To request a demonstration of some of the innovative projects we are working on, contact 

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The Noblis Center for Applied High Performance Computing (CAHPC)

noblis danville center for applied high performance computing

The Noblis CAHPC is dedicated to using high performance computing (HPC) to accelerate the development and commercialization of applications requiring graph analytics. Located in Danville, Virginia, this facility is home to one of our nation’s most powerful supercomputers. Federal and private sector clients alike call on Noblis when they need insight, inspiration, and innovation. The breadth of our expertise in science and technology has long-enabled us to discover opportunities and leverage similarities, differences, and interdependencies across domains on behalf of our clients.

The Noblis CAHPC and the services we call “EDGE” enable us to create lasting solutions to problems that can only be solved with innovative thinking and massive supercomputing power. Learn more about EDGE and our HPC capability.

The mission of the CAHPC is to move HPC out of the lab and into the field to solve real problems in novel ways. And to help accelerate the development of HPC applications, the Center will make this technology accessible to researchers and small businesses. For more information, contact

A Partnership Built on Technology 
The Noblis CAHPC was created in collaboration with Noblis, Inc.; Cray, Inc.; The Virginia Economic Development Partnership; The Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission; and the City of Danville, Virginia.