More Than 20 Years of Serving Our Clients and the Public Good

Noblis is a nonprofit science, technology, and strategy organization that brings the best of scientific thought, management, and engineering expertise in ways that benefit the public. Our name speaks to our unique mission to use science and technology to serve the public’s interest. And the roots of our great mission go back to the 1940s.

The idea that would become Noblis grew out of research labs and the belief that great ideas and collaboration supported by science and technology can solve the biggest challenges facing our government, our nation, and the world. In 1996, Noblis was born with a mission to be more agile and responsive to the changing landscape of government contracting. We carefully grew and developed our capabilities as our leadership realized the value Noblis could bring to our clients through high performance computing and data analytics. Over the years, Noblis has continued to expand through the acquisition of two subsidiaries—broadening our expertise in national security and intelligence.

In 2016, Noblis reached 20 years as a company. Historically, 20 years constitutes a generation, and we eagerly anticipate the challenges of a new generation. Our work in the early years was cutting edge for its time, but progress never stands still. While we once helped demilitarize chemical weapons, now we’re helping track down cyber criminals. In 1996, we were advising defense and military clients on how to clean up toxins around facilities; now we’re showing them ways to create sustainable infrastructures that are energy-efficient and environmentally sound for the future. In the early days, we worked with clients to implement enterprise-wide infrastructure for landlines; now we’re helping them get up to speed on cloud computing and mobile devices. Early support for our transportation clients involved highway policy research, but that has expanded to digital air traffic management communications and connected vehicle technology.

We have grown from nearly 500 employees at our founding to over 1,000 employees today. Our clients include the federal government’s civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies, as well as select private sector entities. As our sphere of endeavor grows, our mission and values remain the same. Noblis is committed to staying on the cutting edge of science and technology while staying true to our public interest focus: maintaining the safety and security of our citizens and our global neighbors “for the best of reasons.”

Noblis 20th Anniversary Diamond
This commemorative diamond artwork was custom-made especially for Noblis’ 20th anniversary. It is an homage to our past 10 years as a company and the completion of a 20 year history.

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Historically, 20 years constitutes a generation, and Noblis eagerly anticipates the challenges of this new generation.

Noblis CEO and Board of Trustees Chairman cut the ribbon at the opening of the first Noblis Innovation and Collaboration Center (NICC) located at the company's former headquarters in Falls Church, Va.
Scientists and engineers gather in the earliest days of the company's more than 20 year long history.
Noblis CEO and executives cut the cake at a celebration for the company's 20th anniversary.
Noblis top forensics expert examines images of fingerprints.
Noblis CEO, Amr ElSawy and former Noblis ESI President, Vernon Ingram.
The Noblis Internet of Things (IoT) lab located at the company's headquarters in Reston, Va.
Noblis employees "sign the sign" in preparation for the company's move of its headquarters from Falls Church to Reston, Va. in 2016.
The Noblis bioinformatics lab located at the company's headquarters in Reston, Va.