Modeling and Simulation

Performing fast, high-fidelity modeling and simulation to improve early investment decisions and operational analysis

Federal agencies face significant obstacles when developing and maintaining high-cost, high-risk systems. Effective modeling and simulation may reduce risks, lower costs and provide quicker insight into future system behavior. Noblis’ modeling, simulation and visualization experts help customers through every step of the process, from ingesting and analyzing high-volume data to producing informative and compelling visualizations.

Our Offerings

woman in VR glasses touching a screen with an image of a digital engine and specs.

Immersive Technology and Extended Reality Solutions

Noblis uses immersive and extended reality solutions to build lightweight 3D models and synthetic environments for consumer devices. From submarine hydraulic cylinder maintenance to damage control training for Guided Missile Frigate-class ships, our training simulations and solutions drive wide-ranging missions.

Aerospace System Design and Visualization

The emergence of new airspace users, including commercial space operators and unmanned aircraft systems, has placed increased demand on legacy air traffic systems. Noblis’ Aerospace Visualization Integration Analysis and Technology Engineering (AVIATE) delivers the modeling, simulation and computing capabilities to understand these complex changes and show the way to higher capacity and increased safety.

view of earth from the stratosphere.
image of battleship at dock view from front to back

Asset Management Optimization

Combining policy, process and multiple data streams, Noblis’ OptiSource technology provides the automated asset coordination that powers the Navy’s strategic scheduling of maintenance for approximately 200 ships and 800 dockings over a 30-year period. It guides the timely and accurate investment of approximately $4 billion and enables mission readiness, offering the customer expedited decision making, workload forecasting and optimized maintenance scheduling in a common data operating environment.

Network and Telecom Services Modeling

Noblis delivers modeling, simulation and analysis of the government’s information and communications technology services under stress conditions. Noblis has developed custom modeling and simulation capabilities that provide rapid evaluation of emerging technologies and increased scalability for scenarios with high traffic loads and massive numbers of devices. Our insight helps the government develop architectural solutions to ensure that all types of communications – audio, video, image, data and advanced 5G use cases – have the required performance and resilience under all circumstances.

Aerial view of a city with network lines in the air above.
City highway at night with blurred image of moving cars.

Surface Transportation

Transportation analysts are under pressure to answer increasingly more complex questions on optimization of longer-range investments, shorter-term operational practices and overall system performance – all in the face of rapid technological change in vehicles and roadways. Team Noblis has delivered groundbreaking analytical tools, methods and guidance; innovative prototype development and testing; and advanced experimental designs. The result? Stronger critical insights, more realistic plans and reduced costs for our customers.


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Listen to a discussion on how to benefit from MBSE with Pat Meharg, Noblis Chief Architect for MBSE.

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In this segment, Pat Meharg, chief architect – model-based systems engineering and Scott James, senior scientist discussing how digital twins can be applied to business processes.

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Why Noblis?

Noblis technologists use artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and optimization capabilities to create compelling visualizations and detailed representations of system, process and policy challenges facing government agencies today. Our specific and customized analytical insights help our customers modernize and advance to next-generation solutions with reduced cost and risk.