Performing high-fidelity, fast-time modeling and simulation that supports both early investment decisions and operational analysis

Federal agencies face significant obstacles when developing and maintaining high-cost, high-risk systems. By applying effective modeling and simulation, they can reduce risks, lower costs and gain insight into future system behavior. Noblis experts in modeling, simulation and visualization help government missions through every step of the process, from ingesting and analyzing high-volume data to creating high-fidelity, fast-time simulations and producing informative and compelling visualizations.

Our Offerings

Noblis delivers modeling, simulation and analysis of the government’s information and communications technology services under stress conditions. Our solutions help the government develop architectural solutions to ensure that all types of communications – audio, video, image and data – get through in times of emergency.

Noblis works on the cutting edge of technology to model tomorrow’s demands on land, air and space systems through machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and simulation.

Noblis develops tools and solutions that automate previously time-consuming manual processes for optimization and maintenance. Our Navy Maintenance Availability and Drydock Optimization tool simulates drydocking maintenance periods for a fleet of 160-200+ surface ships through intuitive dashboards, providing data integrity and time savings for the client.

Noblis creates tailored solutions that actively capture and solve stakeholder needs to transform legacy system engineering to model-based “digital twins” designed to support the system across the entire lifecycle.

image of scientists looking at lab samples and image of woman in glasses looking at data on a screenNoblis Research Centers and Labs

We invest in research to drive innovation for the best of reasons. With our internally sponsored research program, our innovation centers and our labs we are driving innovation for the benefit of the public and our national security. Learn more at

Air Transportation Simulation Lab

Due to increased demand with the emergence of new airspace users, such as commercial space operators and unmanned aircraft systems, the National Airspace System (NAS) must consider enhancing or replacing legacy air traffic systems. Our Air Transportation Lab delivers the modeling, simulation and computing capabilities to understand the benefits and impacts these changes have on the NAS.

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Is Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) your first step towards digital transformation?

Noblis is the exclusive sponsor of a podcast series produced by Federal News Network (FNN)/WTOP. This series titled, “Tackling Government Challenges through Science and Technology,” features interviews with technology and innovation leaders from civilian and defense organizations within the federal government. Listen to a discussion on how to benefit from MBSE with Pat Meharg, Noblis Chief Architect for MBSE.

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Why Noblis?

Noblis’ modeling and simulation capabilities build on our artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and optimization expertise to address the challenges facing government agencies today, getting them to the solutions of tomorrow with reduced cost and risk.