Ad with podcast series title "tackling government challenges through science and technology" a Federal News Network Podcast Series, sponsored by NoblisNoblis is the exclusive sponsor of a year-long podcast series produced by Federal News Network (FNN)/WTOP.

This series titled, “Tackling Government Challenges through Science and Technology,” features interviews with technology and innovation leaders from civilian and defense organizations within the federal government. In each episode guests will discuss how they are working to solve a mission-related challenge by applying science and technology – and brainpower. Check back here for new and upcoming episodes throughout 2022. Find the podcast series and further insights on the Noblis FNN microsite.

Autonomous Vehicles

The first podcast–featuring Captain Pete Small, U. S. Navy, program manager for Unmanned Maritime Systems–discusses the Navy’s aims and strategies for vessels without crews on board. Listen On Demand >

Read the companion article to this podcast episode entitled “Science, technology and doctrine come together in Navy’s program for unmanned surface vessels“.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This segment in the series will be a two-part panel discussion highlighting AI.

Part 1 Designing and Planning for Trusted AI Systems • Wed., Feb. 16 @ 12:30 p.m. ET
Part 2 Implementing an AI Plan • Wed., Mar. 16 @ 12:30 p.m. ET

Using Science and Technology to Solve Critical, National Challenges

The Noblis Family of Companies: Noblis, Noblis ESI, Noblis MSD and MikrosFor more than 25 years, Noblis has been an innovator within the federal government, committed to enriching lives and making our nation safer while investing in the missions of tomorrow. As a nonprofit, Noblis works for the public good, bringing together the best possible combination of science, technology and engineering expertise and solutions, in an environment of independence and objectivity to deliver enduring impact on federal missions. Together with our subsidiaries, we work with a wide range of government clients in the defense, homeland security, intelligence, law enforcement and federal civil sectors. Learn more at

Noblis Research: Transforming Innovation into Practical and Sustainable Solutions

At Noblis, applying innovative thinking and inventions to these challenges is an integral part of how we serve our clients and their missions. We transform new and novel ideas and inventions into practical, sustainable solutions that increase mission performance and efficiency. Learn more at and contact us to discuss your challenges and solutions to address them.

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image of autonomy at scale book coverAutonomy At Scale: Intelligent Machines Advancing Technology to Improve Our Future

Autonomous machines are poised to transform the way we travel, distribute, and deliver goods and how we explore, manage and monitor the sea, surface, air, space, and extra-terrestrial environment. This document explores the promise, costs, and challenges associated with emerging massive-scale systems of autonomous machines in key domains and use cases. Visit our page to learn more and download the full “Autonomy At Scale” book or choose from individual chapters.

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Orchestrated Autonomy: Noblis’ Award-Winning Concept

Our concept orchestrates the motions and actions of unfamiliar, connected, and autonomous machines. With this concept, systems of autonomous machines are safer, more productive, and more equitable. Learn more about the concept and watch our video.

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