Noblis Invests in Scout Space, Inc.

Strategic Investment Strengthens Company’s Ability to Help Advance Critical Space Missions

RESTON, Va. — June 14, 2023 — Noblis, Inc., a leading provider of science, technology and strategy services to the federal government, today announced that its corporate venture arm, Noblis Ventures, has made a strategic investment in SCOUT Space, Inc. (SCOUT), a space technology company dedicated to enabling a new era of space safety and transparency and leading in-space observation data provider.

“Now more than ever, space-based situational awareness (SSA) is critical to our national security and economy,” said Mile Corrigan, Noblis’ president and chief executive officer (CEO). “Both Noblis and SCOUT recognize the need for better and more diverse space-based data sets. The combination of the two companies’ capabilities will enable more dedicated resources to drive space-related intelligence, expand Noblis’ space portfolio and mission impacts and provide more resources for SCOUT’s ongoing offerings.”

Eric Ingram, SCOUT co-founder and CEO added, “This strategic investment from Noblis signals their confidence in our vision and technological capabilities in the SSA domain. Today, and even more so tomorrow, space-based sensing and software technologies are key to enabling spacecraft autonomy and national security. SCOUT’s plug-and-play data-capture payload solutions enhance capabilities that are critical to evolving space missions and ensuring safe space operations.”

Founded in 2019, SCOUT offers in-space vision solutions to enhance missions by enabling spacecraft to perform proximity operations, neighborhood watch, gather visual data and intelligence, self-protect and perform hemispherical surveys to identify untracked objects outside the domain of traditional sensors and has been operational in space since June of 2021.

Noblis Ventures strategically invests in early-stage, deep-tech startups in health, space, national security and critical infrastructure to foster dual-use technologies that advance national interests, seek out research and development that anticipate industry trends and mission needs and develop innovations from lab to mission. Visit Noblis Ventures’ website to learn more and share potential opportunities.

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