Promoting Sustainable, Resilient Energy and Environment Mission Solutions

Anticipating future climate impacts on natural, built and virtual infrastructure is crucial to mission effectiveness.

At Noblis, we help government agencies identify the nature, magnitude and likelihood of risks; identify actions that will mitigate those risks; and use that information to make prudent fiscal decisions and ensure successful mission outcomes. Our solutions increase energy security, help reduce impact on the environment, mitigate the effect of climate change and ensure efficient use of resources. We’re committed to promoting enduring facilities, operations and best practices that foster a sustainable and resilient future.

Our Offerings

Noblis uses data, innovation and collaboration to identify vulnerabilities and assess risks to federal agencies’ missions, facilities and operations from climate change. We assess the energy security, environmental risk and supply chain interruptions facing our federal government clients. We identify the potential vulnerabilities and risks of climate change and other threats, interpret climate change science and develop practical adaptation plans for federal agencies.

Noblis works across client missions and develops Federal Sustainability reports by coalescing data from distributed sources for our clients with the largest carbon footprints and energy and water demands within the federal government. Noblis approaches climate change impact analysis and reporting using science, engineering and strategic thinking perspectives.

Our work analyzes the impacts of climate change to the critical infrastructure of the institutions we serve, while identifying the gaps that need to be addressed. Noblis develops tools that focus on those gaps to help clients ensure long-term sustainability, including the Sustainable Facilities Tool, the carbon footprint tool, and a sea level rise tool.

Noblis has developed comprehensive approaches, procedures and tools for the management of federal research and development portfolios including the solicitation and selection of proposals, technical and programmatic management of research and demonstration projects, and development of focused outreach and technology transfer products.

Portfolio management is substantially facilitated thorough Noblis’ cloud-based grants management system which contains built-in features that can be tailored to the specific customer’s requirements to ensure efficient and secure portfolio management.

Noblis provides high-level technical expertise in planning and evaluating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) management and restoration activities. As part of our internal research and development program, we have identified a potential PFAS destruction technology. We are also developing and conducting a life cycle assessment process for evaluating aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) alternatives to make sure AFFF alternatives do not pose adverse tradeoffs.

Noblis provides solutions to clients by proactively identifying evolving federal, state and international regulatory actions; identifying supply chain impacts and assessing potential risks and liabilities; and developing cost-effective risk management actions and mitigation options critical to mission execution. This includes planning for environmental compliance and security responsibilities related to emerging regulations and adoption of new technologies and processes utilizing replacement chemicals and materials. We use our expertise in the ever-evolving regulations to help clients formulate, implement and update policies and develop strategies for environmental, sustainability and energy challenges. We develop tailored, comprehensive implementation plans and performance tracking metrics that help clients realize short- and long-term goals.

Noblis’ lifecycle assessment capabilities allow clients to select more sustainable alternatives and investments that reduce energy, water and greenhouse gases generated. Noblis scientists and engineers use and develop tools to examine the environmental and economic impacts of systems across the lifecycle, from early design and R&D to operations and sustainment of systems.

Noblis provides independent evaluation and testing of critical technological innovations impacting client energy and environment missions. We verify and validate performance capabilities, assess attainment of technical performance parameters and determine whether systems are operationally effective, and suitable for intended use.

Noblis facilitates efficient and effective communication with stakeholders through the management of technology outreach programs. We also plan, support and execute virtual and in-person meetings ranging from small events, such as workshops and webinars, to large conferences for our clients.

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Climate Change, Resource Use and Greenhouse Gases

Noblis is mitigating the effects of climate change on the natural, built and virtual infrastructure through innovations in remediation, resilience and sustainability. We help federal agencies identify the nature, magnitude and likelihood of risks from greenhouse gases and other environmental impacts and actions and mitigate those risks through alternative decisions and investments. Our solutions help build energy security, reduce impact on the environment, mitigate the effects of climate change and use resources more efficiently.

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Why Noblis?

Noblis stands at the forefront of sustainable and resilient planning and policy making for the federal infrastructure. We combine proven science, technology and business processes with robust domain expertise and tools to ensure crosscutting, holistic solutions. Our experts design and conduct rigorous technical assessments and evaluations in a comprehensive policy, regulatory, and technical framework. Our programs are strategically planned, evaluated, and implemented using lessons learned to ensure implementable solutions.

Through our Centers of Excellence (COEs), we are connecting our staff so that they may better serve our clients. The COEs reach across domain areas and the entire organization to ensure the right capabilities, people, tools, and expertise are applied to our work. This enables us to offer every client the best solutions to fit their needs and challenges.