Noblis Helps Federal Agencies Meet Climate Resiliency

Planning Requirements Providing Expertise, Resources and Tools that Inform Infrastructure Plans, Strategies and Investments

Climate change now poses grave risks to our nation and the world. Whether or not agencies have previously planned for climate resiliency, it is essential to do so now, as climate change is recognized as a direct threat to our security and the infrastructure that federal agencies rely on to carry out their missions.

With over 25 years of experience helping clients anticipate future impacts of climate change, Noblis is ready to assist federal agencies in their efforts to incorporate climate resiliency into their plans and strategies. We are committed to promoting enduring facilities, operations and best practices that help ensure a sustainable and resilient future. Serving as a government technical and policy advisor, Noblis’ work enables our clients to anticipate climate impacts on the natural, built and virtual infrastructure so crucial to mission effectiveness.