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Noblis’ clients face complex and dynamic challenges as they serve crucial missions on behalf of the American people. At Noblis, applying innovative thinking and inventions to these challenges is an integral part of how we serve our clients and their missions. We transform new and novel ideas and inventions into practical, sustainable solutions that increase mission performance and efficiency.   

Innovation is a practice focus for all Noblis staff—whether working on client-funded problems, advancing science and technology through our internally-funded Noblis Sponsored Research program, or improving the shared services that support our staff.


The NSR program is a vital and essential part of corporate life at Noblis. Our yearly investment in this program, along with our ethical practices and code of conduct, is part of what makes us the unique nonprofit organization that we are. Noblis research is the forward-thinking seed that generates not only larger corporate work programs and roles, but also sound, sustainable solutions with enduring impacts. 

Our NSR projects demonstrate the art of the possible to our clients. They enable us to create new intellectual capital and capabilities and to develop new thinking and models that will help us solve critical problems that our clients will face in the future. Noblis research allows us to expand staff capabilities and provides an interesting outlet for the creative and inventive spirit found throughout Noblis.  

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To foster this spirit of collaboration and facilitate continued improvement of this program, we introduced Idea Spotlight, a web-based tool available to all members of the Noblis community where teams can exchange ideas with peers across the company to solve client challenges. Through this “Ideation” process, each year we invite all staff to participate in proposing new projects that will be considered for corporate funding in topic area of corporate interest such as:

  • Big data, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and high performance computing 
  • Identity intelligence, including cyber-based identity discovery 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Cloud & mobile computing, and IoT
  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence 


The following provides a sample of Noblis innovations and accomplishments that were fueled by our research efforts. These innovations advanced the state of the science, technology, and application. But, more importantly these innovations—some already fielded and beginning operations—improved our clients’ mission performance.

Noblis designed, built, and evaluated virtual networks against existing operational metrics and gained the ability to consider alternatives based on network needs. This project enables clients to explore architectural trade-offs between technology combinations by creating a test bed which legitimizes solutions that move from theory to practical validation and finally to acquisition readiness. 

Noblis enhanced national food safety by delivering high-quality bioinformatics capabilities to the food industry, which demonstrated an immediate, high impact use-case for bioinformatics in keeping food pathogen free. This relied on Noblis’ high performance computing expertise, data hosting infrastructure, and our genomic analysis tool, BioVelocity. 

Noblis obtained a dataset drawn from several sources, including patient claims data. We used analytics to develop a data-driven approach to risk assessment for the general population. The project developed methodologies for quantifying risk and tested the statistical significance of the methodologies to ensure effectiveness. 

Noblis invented methods and tools to match a single detected face image against a 100 million-image database in one second. Our graphical analytics capabilities were then applied to produce large social networks of face image relationships from a large-scale set of photographs with multiple face images. Our research was initiated in response to challenges such as the post-Boston marathon bombing investigation. 

Noblis developed a sustainability analysis tool called AcquLCA to help DoD meet new acquisition lifecycle sustainability requirements. The tool performs streamlined lifecycle assessments crucial for creating well-researched, well planned, and sustainable systems. 

Noblis built a capability to create and detect cyber identities, including a multi-level of performance sophistication, and an identity test bed for red vs. blue competition, to support cyber operations in the intelligence, national security, and law enforcement communities. This capability developed an operational framework to examine cyber analytics operations and advanced Noblis’ approach to reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis. 

Noblis built an open-source development framework that enables the rapid and simultaneous development of cloud-based, native applications for multiple platforms. The framework has been used to develop and field client and Noblis applications in record time.