Integrating Expertise with Unmatched Tools and Technology

Noblis tackles complex and challenging problems by integrating expertise with unmatched tools and technology. Our proven technical and domain expertise leverages best practices and lessons learned, while our innovative tools improve efficiency and empower clients with the data they need to make mission-critical decisions.

Our full-lifecycle tools and high performance computing solutions are custom made to address some of our client’s most pressing challenges— from complex acquisitions, to recall management, to advanced bioinformatics.

Platforms & Solutions

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Noblis EDGE High Performance Computing

The state-of-the-art computing services, analysis tools, and development environments that make up Noblis’ EDGE Platforms make it possible for us to achieve mission success with a solution custom built for you. Noblis’ EDGE Platforms paired with both physical and virtual collaboration spaces make our technologies instantly accessible.

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World Class Acquisition Management Tools

Noblis’ acquisition support goes far beyond advisory services. We offer industry-leading tools and methodologies to ensure that your acquisition is successful. Best of all, our support is modular. Noblis acquisition experts can help you choose which services and tools are right for your needs.

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Noblis Bio Tools

Noblis has developed in-house tools that enable advanced bioinformatic analysis in a variety of domains. Backed by a team of subject matter experts, Noblis can leverage our tools along with open source applications to quickly solve a variety of complex problems.

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  • Fast and Accurate Whole Genome Indexing

    Noblis’ BioVelocity® is a bioinformatics tool based on an innovative algorithm and approach to indexing genomic references. Using a fast and accurate hashing algorithm, BioVelocity can quickly align reads to a set of references and, through the use of high-performance computing platforms, produce faster results, increase functionality, increase throughput and improve accuracy in a bioinformatics workflow.

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  • Rapidly Detecting Genomic Changes Effecting Diagnostics

    Noblis’ PCR Signature Erosion Tool (PSET) rapidly identifies genomic changes to ensure that assays are effective against the newest genomic datasets. As sequencing costs drop and thousands of new complete genomes are added to public repositories every year, the landscape of ground truth for current bacterial and viral organisms is in constant flux.

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  • Noblis’ BioLaboro is a rapid signature detection, assay design and testing application powered by:

    • BioVelocity® – Noblis’ fast and accurate genome indexing algorithm
    • PSET – Noblis’ PCR Signature Erosion Tool
    • Primer3 – Open source tool which designs PCR assays

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    Using our application, BioLaboro, Noblis identified unique genetic sequences of COVID-19. Read More >