Integrating Expertise with Unmatched Tools and Technology

Noblis tackles complex and challenging problems by integrating expertise with unmatched tools and technology. Our proven technical and domain expertise leverages best practices and lessons learned, while our innovative tools improve efficiency and empower clients with the data they need to make mission-critical decisions.

Our full-lifecycle tools and high performance computing solutions are custom made to address some of our client’s most pressing challenges— from complex acquisitions, to recall management, to advanced bioinformatics.

Platforms & Tools

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Noblis EDGE High Performance Computing

The state-of-the-art computing services, analysis tools, and development environments that make up Noblis’ EDGE Platforms make it possible for us to achieve mission success with a solution custom built for you. Noblis’ EDGE Platforms paired with both physical and virtual collaboration spaces make our technologies instantly accessible.

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World Class Acquisition Management Tools

Noblis’ acquisition support goes far beyond advisory services. We offer industry-leading tools and methodologies to ensure that your acquisition is successful. Best of all, our support is modular. Noblis acquisition experts can help you choose which services and tools are right for your needs.

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Noblis BioPortal

Noblis’ in-house bioinformatics tools enable advanced bioinformatics and genomic analysis in a variety of domains. To learn more, visit Noblis BioPortal, our comprehensive resource for exploring cutting-edge bioinformatics research and tools from Noblis.

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Your Full-Lifecycle Mission Partner

Systems Engineering

Noblis applies decades of robust systems engineering expertise to complex client problems. We work with clients to understand their needs and provide adaptable and transferable solutions based on mission requirements. At Noblis, we support clients at every phase of a program’s lifecycle. We help clients assess and streamline their current business processes and find ways to create efficiencies. We identify strategies that will improve client systems, manage risk, eliminate redundancies, and cut costs, thus providing solutions that will last.

Program Management

Noblis successfully manages complex projects and programs across a wide spectrum of services by pairing unmatched subject matter expertise with repeatable, industry-based processes and best practices. We offer guidance, knowledge, and expertise, and develop optimized solutions that are operationally sound, cost effective, and fully aligned to our customers’ missions and requirements.