Noblis has supported over $400 billion in acquisitions for the federal government with 99% completing without a successful protest.

Compliance issues, time sensitivity, and growing security threats are among the many risks that can impact acquisition success. At Noblis, we understand that managing these concerns can be a daunting task for any contracting officer. That’s why we employ end-to-end acquisition support to help agencies manage acquisitions of all sizes, at all phases of the lifecycle. We are a shoulder-to-shoulder teammate, committed to bridging the gap between program offices, contracting officers, and industry to reduce risk and create value for our government customers. 


We provide a requirements-focused, full lifecycle approach to assisting your organization with a tailored solution, regardless of your project’s phase. Noblis helps clients develop the strategies to architect, acquire, deploy, and manage the right technology infrastructures for their missions, from strategy and planning to solicitation development, source selection, contract award, and implementation. 

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  • Preparing for an acquisition poses many challenges for agencies. From ensuring regulatory compliance, to organizing the required documentation, to defending against potential protest, there are countless factors that can become obstacles for contracting officers during an acquisition. Noblis’ suite of solicitation management tools help provides the structure and discipline to ensure adherence to regulations, facilitate the process, document the results and defend against protest. The suite of solicitation management tools includes:

    • Q&A Management
    • Technical Data Repository
    • Source Selection Evaluation
    • Vendor Proposal Submissions
    • Complex Price Evaluations
  • After contract award, agencies face the daunting task of managing contract complexities. Whether it is a multi-award contract or managing multiple task orders, the Noblis suite of contract management tools delivers automation, reducing the time to award contract modifications and task orders from weeks to days.  The suite of contract management tools includes:

    • Contract/TO Modification
    • Deliverable Management 
    • Vendor Discussion and Submissions
    • Pricing Marketplace
    • SOW Scope Review
  • With several hundred potential submissions, organizing the review of grants proposals can be challenging.  Noblis’ suite of grant management tools to help Grant Managers receive, organize, and facilitate the reviews of the initial white paper submissions; down-select and invite for proposal submission, and to review the full proposals. Our tools help reduce the individual team’s consensus process from days to hours, and includes:

    • Submission Portal
    • White Paper Review
    • Proposal Review
  • To successfully defense against protest, protecting source selection data during the acquisition is key. Finding the right space within an agency to sequester the team and maintain the integrity of the acquisition can often be challenging, especially as open environment offices setups gain popularity. Noblis delivers physical and virtual acquisition environments that help maintain data integrity and protection. Noblis’ Secure Acquisition Environment offerings include:

    • Secure Online Portal
    • AcquCenter at Noblis-Reston
    • Secure Facilities at Customer-Finished Site
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Why Noblis?

Noblis tackles complex and challenging acquisitions by integrating expertise with unmatched tools and technology. Noblis experts have the acquisition, technical domain, and industry expertise to suit any need. Regardless of where you are in the acquisition process, Noblis can help. We leverage best practices and lessons learned, while our innovative suite of acquisition tools improves quality and timeliness. Through the Noblis approach, program managers and contracting officers are delivered repeatable processes and the tools they need to reduce risk, manage throughout the lifecycle, and maximize success.