Noblis has supported over $400 billion in acquisitions for the federal government with 99% completing without a successful protest.

Compliance issues, time sensitivity, and growing security threats are among the many risks that can impact acquisition success. At Noblis, we understand that managing these concerns can be a daunting task for any contracting officer. That’s why we employ end-to-end acquisition support to help agencies manage acquisitions of all sizes, at all phases of the lifecycle. We are a shoulder-to-shoulder teammate, committed to bridging the gap between program offices, contracting officers, and industry to reduce risk and create value for our government customers. 


We provide a requirements-focused, full lifecycle approach to assisting your organization with a tailored solution, regardless of your project’s phase. Noblis helps clients develop the strategies to architect, acquire, deploy, and manage the right technology infrastructures for their missions, from strategy and planning to solicitation development, source selection, contract award, and implementation. 

lifecycle approach to acquisition


  • AcquTrak logo

    AcquTrak is a comprehensive web-based collaboration and documentation tool tailored to support any acquisition. It provides collaboration and process support to conquer the challenges faced by the acquisition teams in today’s dynamic acquisition environment. From tracking the workflow throughout the acquisition lifecycle, to securely managing massive amounts of documentation, AcquTrak helps to generate a comprehensive audit trail for defensible contract awards. 

    AcquTrak Pricing

    AcquTrak offers flexible pricing options to meet your agency’s schedule and budget. AcquTrak is modular, allowing your team to use the tool throughout the entire acquisition life cycle, or just for targeted phases. AcquTrak’s total customer care package includes setup, training, and ongoing enhancements to meet the client’s needs. 

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  • AcquServe logo

    AcquServe is a web-based environment that streamlines proposal submissions, pre- and post-award, for government and vendors. It provides a toolset of advanced software applications that supports an acquisition program from the solicitation phase through source selection, into contract implementation and operation. By using AcquServe, acquisition teams can maintain consistent communications with interested parties; articulate clear, concise proposal requirements to industry; and receive complex proposal submissions from offerors. AcquServe incorporates stringent processes and error checking capabilities up front to ensure the evaluation teams performing the proposal evaluation receive accurate, consistent proposals across all offerors, regardless of the complexity of the acquisition. 

  • AcquCenter logo

    AcquCenter is a dedicated turnkey facility for securely hosting source selection activities. Running out of room at your location? Want to bring your team together in a secure facility?  AcquCenter is designed to meet the specialized needs of acquisition teams.

    AcquCenter Pricing

    AcquCenter offers flexible pricing options to meet your agency’s schedule and budget. AcquCenter’s total customer care package includes setup, training, and ongoing enhancements to meet the client’s needs.

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Why Noblis?

Noblis tackles complex and challenging acquisitions by integrating expertise with unmatched tools and technology. Noblis experts have the acquisition, technical domain, and industry expertise to suit any need. Regardless of where you are in the acquisition process, Noblis can help. We leverage best practices and lessons learned, while our innovative suite of acquisition tools improves quality and timeliness. Through the Noblis approach, program managers and contracting officers are delivered repeatable processes and the tools they need to reduce risk, manage throughout the lifecycle, and maximize success.