Improving Naval Fleet Readiness with Advanced Modeling and Simulation

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OptiSource uses advanced modeling and simulation to forecast workloads and resources for surface ship drydocking and other maintenance periods — and, ultimately, helps stakeholders expedite decisions and optimize maintenance scheduling in a common data operating environment.

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The Challenge

Multiple stakeholders manage the public- and private-sector drydock, pier and facility demand, workforce allocation and maintenance schedules using varying development, maintenance and reporting methods and tools. However, the information is interdependent, and the Navy required an integrated solution for all stakeholders to simultaneously provide, use, collaborate on and manage data in real time.

Our Solution

We developed OptiSource to provide maintenance availability and drydock optimization capabilities and tools, including decision support graphic visualizations, briefs and data. Utilizing current process-based outputs as the objective, OptiSource integrates policy and process with stand-alone data sources and disparate files into a comprehensive maintenance dashboard that can deploy in existing and cloud IT environments. It’s automated to provide a 30-year outlook for approximately 200 Navy ships and 800 docking and pier-side events to enable data-driven decisions that improve forecasting, scenario planning and overall fleet optimization and readiness in a fraction of the time.

Watch the below videos to learn more about how we collaborate with customers and across our own teams to develop new innovative solutions, like OptiSource, and quickly prototype a custom solution that we can apply to your unique mission challenges.

OptiSource Key Features

Integrates numerous sources of disparate data, including:
    • Fleet maintenance schedules
    • Contract data requirements
    • Government and private sector infrastructure forecasts (dry docks, piers)
    • Ship inventories and shipbuilding plans
    • Long-range maintenance, modernization and sustainment plan
    • Naval Supervisory Activity list
    • Chief of Naval Operations, OPNAV 4700 series
Outputs at port/regional/CONUS/OCONUS levels including:
    • Workload forecasting
    • Schedule/forecast charts for dry dock and pier/berth demand
    • Tabular data as exportable .csv and .xls files
    • Pre-formatted, brief-ready files (ppt, .pdf and .xls/.csv)

OptiSource Key Benefits

OptiSource is customizable to meet your mission requirements. With the standard offering, users can:
  • Secure access over the web
  • Edit graphics and tables that interconnect across the platform
  • Expand and collapse views ranging from one to 30 years
  • Build notional maintenance schedules in accordance with class maintenance plans beyond existing maintenance schedules
  • Select and create user-defined display preferences
  • Apply U.S. Navy policy and processes with interactive feedback and compliance
  • Define port, regional and coastal capability both CONUS and OCONUS
  • Import/export excursion management and generate “what if?” scenarios
  • Gain immediate feedback for schedule conflicts, infrastructure and other user-defined constraints
  • Simulcast to multiple and different and/or interconnected displays in conference environments from a single disconnected laptop

screenshot of the OptiSource tool Dashboards

Successful Customer Use Cases

Noblis’ OptiSource “engine” is a collection of functional codelets and building blocks our programmers use to build a customized decision support, asset management and schedule optimization tool to accommodate your specific needs. The following are two examples of how we’ve helped customers.
keyboard of a laptop with hands typing and data and charts showing on the screenAutomating and Optimizing Navy Training Schedules

We leveraged the OptiSource engine to develop a new tool with an algorithm that automates and optimizes scheduling for U.S. Navy training programs. The system ingested a legacy training schedule of classes and balanced it against a list of available trainers (including their availability, credentials and location) across a multi-state region. It then generated a new, optimal schedule that saved costs based on trainer usage and travel budget constraints.

image of Naval personnel standing on ship deckSite Readiness with User-Defined Milestones

A federal customer’s enterprise network services program for transitioning on-premises infrastructure to the cloud required a tool to ingest schedules and allow the user to view and optimize specific site-interdependent activities. With the OptiSource engine, we developed a service optimizer tool that uses our own patented algorithm and incorporates dynamic features to indicate site readiness based on user-defined milestones. The first pass yielded $230M in cost savings and 20% in time savings through schedule optimization.

OptiSource Subscription and Service Options:

We have a variety of options and subscription/service levels you can choose from to access either our core OptiSource solution or a custom solution that meets the unique needs and challenges of your mission.

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How to Work with Us

Government agencies can access Noblis through a variety of ID/IQ, GWAC and GSA Schedules which are available to civilian and Department of Defense (DoD) agencies. For more information visit https://noblis.org/contracting. Ask us about these options and opportunities:
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Why Noblis?

Noblis MSD, a Noblis subsidiary, is a recognized market leader in U.S. Navy network design, operational readiness, system modernization, lifecycle sustainment and system integration. We provide engineering, enterprise transformation and program management, to help customers design solutions for operations and maintenance. We identify and deploy new shipboard technologies, integrate information technology across shipboard platforms, implement cyber and advanced information technology systems and develop strategies to support the Warfighter. Noblis MSD leverages the depth and breadth of the entire Noblis family of companies to deliver advanced capabilities to our clients.

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