Download: Autonomy at Scale

Intelligent Machines Advancing Technology to Improve Our Future

This document explores the promise, costs, and challenges associated with emerging massive-scale systems of autonomous machines in key domains and use cases.

Autonomous machines are poised to transform the way we travel, distribute, and deliver goods and how we explore, manage and monitor the sea, surface, air, space, and extra-terrestrial environment. Most of the focus on autonomy has been on isolated autonomous machines – that is, vehicles (sea, land, air) that can plan motion paths, navigate around obstacles and perform tasks without human control or oversight. These individual machines are technological marvels, combining arrays of inexpensive but powerful local sensor systems, machine learning, and complex control systems; however, the outcomes associated with deploying these autonomous machines at scale, in the millions, are not clear. Will systems of autonomous machines at scale be safer? More efficient? More secure?

The document consists of 10 chapters in which Noblis experts address:

  • Fundamental technologies of autonomous systems such as sensors; position, navigation, and timing; machine learning; and connectivity
  • Use cases for surface, air, space, and adversarial environments
  • Challenges with ensuring interoperability and cybersecurity

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