Noblis Award-Winning Autonomous Vehicle Interoperability Concept

The Noblis autonomy concept orchestrates the motions and actions of unfamiliar, connected and autonomous machines. With this concept, systems of autonomous machines are safer, more productive and more equitable.

The system enables nearby connected machines to share situational awareness of obstacles and threats projected over time. It allows them to collectively plan motion paths and other actions that avoid collisions or conflicts. This interoperability permits high-speed motion and coordinated actions which are impossible without advance knowledge of all the localized actions.

“Our orchestrated autonomy concept allows pick-up teams of autonomous machines to perform as if they have trained together extensively,” said Karl Wunderlich, Noblis research team lead. “Further, if one machine in the system malfunctions or begins to perform erratically, the team will self-organize to re-assign critical team functions and isolate the compromised machine.”

Videos demonstrating the concept can be found below. To inquire about Noblis’ autonomy research and its applicability to your mission, contact us here.


Orchestrated Autonomy Concept

Sustainable Orchestrated Autonomy