Tackling Government Challenges Through Science and Technology:

At NASA, Everything Starts with Research

The following is an excerpt from an article by Tom Temin of Federal News Network.

Although in most people’s minds NASA is synonymous with space, it also has “aeronautics” in its name. In fact the agency’s mission is remarkably wide. Manned and autonomous space exploration, earth sciences, and helping model commercial airspace are just a few of the domains in which NASA operates.

Underpinning nearly NASA every activity, you’ll find research. For more, Federal News Network spoke with just two of NASA’s leading researchers, both from its renowned Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. Dr. Jay Bookbinder is Ames’s associate director for Research and Technology; and Dr. Parimal Kopardekar is the director of the NASA Aeronautics Research Institute, or NARI.

“Ames actually has many core competencies,” Bookbinder said. “We deal with astrobiology, space physics, astrophysics, aeronautics, and exploration Technologies. We are one of the centers that does basic research in a lot of different areas.”

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