Tackling Government Challenges Through Science and Technology

Model-Based Systems Engineering Leads to Better Systems, Faster

The following is an excerpt from an article by Tom Temin of Federal News Network.

Digital engineering has become an important strategy in the defense domain for a faster, more efficient route to new platforms and systems. By constructing digital representations of a system that includes all the characteristics it would have as a physical entity, digital engineering saves much of the costs and time required to build and test physical prototypes.

Achieving digital engineering, though, requires mastery of a crucial intermediate step known as Model-Based Systems Engineering. Pat Meharg, the chief architect for Model-Based Systems Engineering at Noblis, said model based systems engineering both builds on traditional engineering and provides the next step to full digital engineering.

The difference, he said, is that digital engineering encompasses the activity or business processes of systems development as well as the engineering piece itself.

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