Tackling Government Challenges Through Science and Technology:

NASA’s Sky for All reimagines the future airspace

The following is an excerpt from an article by Tom Temin of Federal News Network.

If you think the nation’s airspace couldn’t get any busier, think again. Given what’s literally on the horizon, NASA’s Sky for All program has begun developing an architecture and system of systems to ensure the envisioned increase in traffic happens safely and sustainably.

Commercial and conventional general aviation will continue to grow. And, a host of new lightweight, vertical-takeoff aircraft — many autonomous or piloted remotely — will transport people and goods soon too. Unlike the drones popular with hobbyists, filmmakers and infrastructure inspectors, the next generation of aerial vehicles will operate in the controlled airspace with more conventional aircraft.

“Sky for All is a vision for the mid-century, for the future airspace and all the possibility that it can hold for us,” said Jeanne Yu, chief strategist for Sky for All. “The vision is: How can we maintain and enhance safety through technology, even though the skies are becoming more complex?”

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