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Cloud environments and supporting security requirements within the federal government are dynamic to say the least. As Cloud service providers (CSPs) in the government space know all too well, achieving Authority to Operate (ATO) is a long, labor-intensive task that must be continuously maintained with demonstrated compliance; a critical but ongoing challenge.

What’s more, as Cloud offerings are reused across federal agencies, CSPs are beholden to all agencies that utilize their services. CSPs must scale up their cybersecurity teams to remain responsive to all agencies’ needs while ensuring their FISMA and FedRAMP compliance package is complete and on time each month. Delays in reporting will likely cause significant concerns and could potentially compromise national security and/or cause the CSP’s ATO to be revoked. Continuous monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance with FISMA and FedRAMP requirements is a necessary component of those deployments, but it can be a difficult hurdle for CSPs (and agencies) to clear.

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Built on a decade of experience with FISMA, FedRAMP and comprehensive technical knowledge of NIST SP 800-53 controls, RunCyberAssurance streamlines and simplifies compliance assurance.


CSPs need a comprehensive solution that’s fluent in FISMA, NIST SP 800-53 controls and FedRAMP requirements, flexible enough to handle multiple uses across hybrid clouds and scalable enough to grow with expanding cloud infrastructures and customers.

Noblis RunCyberAssurance is the solution partner for CSPs, as it  considerably reduces the time, workload and costs of gaining and maintaining cybersecurity compliance. Based on a decade of experience working with the FedRAMP program, FISMA and NIST, RunCyberAssurance is built on NIST SP 800-53 controls and can be tailored to specific agency needs by adapting to other frameworks.


Stay responsive to agency requests

Ensure Compliance packages are complete

Enable CSPs to scale up and grow their federal client base

Improve response times from disclosure to remediation

Set the framework for continuous ATO

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Learn how RunCyberAssurance streamlines these complex tasks to enable continuous compliance with federal cybersecurity standards. Download our solution sheet for more information or contact us for a live demonstration.

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Noblis RunCyberAssurance meets the challenges of staying compliant in a rapidly growing and continually morphing cloud environment, helping to ensure cybersecurity compliance for both CSPs and agencies.

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The RunCyberAssurance solution has flexible features that can meet the unique needs of CSPs today and in the future.


Data Validation

Compliance Assurance


Data Repository


Communication Exchange


Portfolio Management


Advanced Analytics

RunCyberAssurance is available for government and commercial use.

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