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25-Year Legacy of Innovation

Noblis is a transformational partner to the federal government, committed to enriching lives and making our nation safer by investing in the missions of today and tomorrow. As a nonprofit organization, we combine objectivity and innovation with the most advanced science, technology and engineering to solve complex national challenges that help advance our customers’ most critical missions.
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Noblis Venture with SCOUT Expands Domain Intelligence and Safety

Space-based situational awareness is critical to our national security and economy, and we recognize the need for better and more diverse orbital environment data sets. Noblis is driving this mission through a strategic venture with SCOUT Space, Inc. (SCOUT), a space technology company dedicated to enabling a new era of space safety and transparency and a leading in-space observation data provider. The combination of capabilities from the two companies allows for more dedicated resources to augment space-related intelligence, expands Noblis’ space portfolio and mission impacts and provides more resources for SCOUT’s ongoing offerings.

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Learn four key benefits of digital engineering.

Agility is one of four key reasons for military organizations to shift to digital engineering and can be a strategic differentiator in the face of changing conditions. To learn the three other key benefits and review Noblis findings on how defense organizations can put these benefits to work for them, read our full article.
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Podcast: Tackling Government Challenges through Science and Technology

Is Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) your first step towards digital transformation?

Listen to a discussion between Tom Temin from Federal News Network (FNN) and Noblis chief architect for model-based systems engineering (MBSE) Pat Meharg on how to benefit from MBSE.

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Applying Digital Twins to Your Business Processes

In this second podcast from FNN, Pat Meharg Noblis chief architect for MBSE is joined by Scott James Noblis senior scientist to discuss how digital twins can be applied to business processes.

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Our Capabilities and Solutions

Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Noblis is helping agencies transform into data-driven organizations by providing end-to-end, rapid analytics and AI/ML capabilities to build proactive systems and develop actionable insights. We help customers make sense of their data to solve mission-critical problems and identify their greatest cyber, physical and biological threats. Have you seen our AI Field Guide? The Noblis AI Field Guide for Public Sector Enterprises shares the challenges and benefits and provides practical guidance and best practices for public sector organizations seeking to adopt AI within their enterprise.

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Artificial Intelligence: A field guide for public sector enterprises, first edition

OptiSourceTM logoImproving Readiness with Advanced Modeling and Simulation

From maintaining military fleets to assigning classroom space, and from tracking complex computing infrastructure to scheduling instruction personnel, Noblis’ OptiSource provides a proven solution for optimizing resource scheduling and allocation. Its powerful modeling and simulation capabilities, integrated platform, secure web interface and flexible display preferences take resource management to the next level.

The customizable OptiSource technology offers a breakthrough approach for comprehensive operations, maintenance and sustainment (O&M&S) for distributed fielded resources, such as satellite ground stations and radar stations, enabling more efficient resource maintenance and management, better workforce forecasting and reliable operational capabilities to maximize O&M&S budgets. Moreover, for program or site planning and control, OptiSource’s intuitive visualizations provide decision support capabilities to quickly assess resource commitment and deconflict scheduling and assignment challenges.

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Cyber Security and Operations

Noblis is delivering insights through analytics to stay ahead of internal and external threats. Cyber security professionals need a new breed of tools and techniques to act as a force-multiplier and increase their mission impact. Noblis develops solutions that combine technology and tradecraft to provide cyber security at scale, with speed.

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Modeling and Simulation and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Noblis is performing fast, high-fidelity modeling and simulation to improve early investment decisions and operational analysis. We create tailored solutions that actively capture and solve stakeholder needs to transform legacy system engineering to model-based “digital twins” designed to support the system across the entire lifecycle.

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Autonomous Systems

Noblis is integrating autonomous machines in the spaces they share with each other – and with humans. Our experts are developing systems that allow autonomous machines to advance from single-purpose, isolated actors into scalable, self-organizing solutions.

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Digital Transformation

Noblis is reimagining transformation at the speed of now. We understand that digital transformation is more than a one-time project. It is an ongoing journey that includes not just an organization’s technology, but its culture. From customer-centric strategies to process optimization and data utilization, building enterprise-wide transformation means never losing sight of the human element.

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Why Noblis

Research & Development for the Best of Reasons

Noblis’ labs and research centers are at the heart of our work. They provide a place for our interdisciplinary teams to explore and develop the disruptive capabilities, breakthrough innovations and transformative scientific discoveries that fuel the technological and engineering solutions we deliver today and anticipate for tomorrow across the civil, defense, homeland security, intelligence, space and health missions we serve.

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Investing in the Future

From exploring situational awareness and object detection modeling in space to helping the Navy improve readiness with advanced modeling and simulation, Noblis’ research has lasting mission impacts. Through the Noblis Sponsored Research program, we employ an enterprise-wide ideation process to develop and invest in possibilities, using our own time and funding to transform novel ideas and inventions into practical, sustainable solutions that increase mission performance and efficiency.

Collaborating for Lasting Impacts

We work together as one team collaborating on multiple technologies, domains and missions across our organization. In addition, as an innovation gateway, we purposely engage with industry, the research community and our customers to solve the most unique and critical challenges.

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