Noblis Autonomy Research Team Presents at Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative Grand Challenge Event

On February 15, Noblis’ Autonomy Research team presented their “Pieces of 8 (Po8) Orchestrated Autonomy Concept: Robot Derby Demonstration” in Munich, Germany as part of the MOBI Grand Challenge, sponsored by the MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative) and TIoTA (Trusted IoT Alliance).

Based loosely on the DARPA grand challenge for autonomous driving, the MOBI Grand Challenge seeks to ultimately “create the first viable, decentralized, ad-hoc network of blockchain/DLT connected vehicles and infrastructure that can reliably share data, coordinate behavior, and thereby improve urban mobility.” The challenge will run in bi-annual stages over three years; the event in Munich marks the culmination of Phase 1.

“Noblis’ Po8 concept orchestrates the motions and actions of unfamiliar, connected, and autonomous machines. With Po8, systems of autonomous machines are safer, more productive, and more equitable,” Karl Wunderlich, Director of Noblis’ Surface Transportation Systems Division, said.

“We are pleased to introduce the Po8 Autonomy Concept to our esteemed MOBI coalition colleagues as part of the MOBI Grand Challenge,” he added.

A video demonstration of Noblis’ “Robot Derby” presentation can be found below.

To inquire about Noblis’ autonomy research and its applicability to your mission, contact us here.