Noblis Director of Surface Transportation Presents a Model for Safer and More Efficient Autonomous Vehicle Operation

“Earned Trust, Priority and the Multi-Machine Maneuver Transaction” presentation for Mobility and Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) Innovation Lecture Series

Karl Wunderlich, Ph.D., director of surface transportation at Noblis, a leading provider of science, technology and strategy services to the federal government discussed the results of Noblis’ research and development efforts on concepts of earned trust among autonomous machines and the implications for our roadway systems. Watch the full recording below.

When multiple autonomous vehicles operate near one another, contemporaneous motions and actions of these vehicles must be organized to encourage an efficient and collision-free operational environment. In this virtual lecture, Wunderlich presents an operational model based on machine negotiation that explicitly considers the critical interplay between machine trust and priority. Collective maneuver planning is represented as a multi-machine transaction that can be used to optimize system efficiency and finance roadway operation.

Wunderlich is a key Noblis contributor to research and development projects and technology deployment programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Joint Program Office and the Federal Highway Administration. He is an expert in the use of simulation techniques to evaluate the potential impact of emerging technologies to improve traveler mobility and system productivity – including vehicle connectivity, autonomy and blockchain.

Noblis’ orchestrated autonomy concept has won the Highest Potential Impact Award and the Most Creative Award at the MOBI Grand Challenge Phase I in Munich, Germany (February 2019);  was ranked first for “Most Creative” and “Highest Potential Impact” at the MOBI Grand Challenge Phase II in Los Angeles (November 2019); and chosen as an Industry Innovation Winner by Washington Technology / 1105 Media as part of the Government Innovation Awards which recognized the best examples of discovery and innovation in government IT (September 2019).

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