Noblis’ Bill Morris addresses how growing acquisition complexity requires automated lifecycle management.

The following is an excerpt from an article published on Federal News Network.

Federal agencies have straightforward goals when undertaking acquisitions: conduct a fair, clearly defined source selection; award contracts in a timely manner; maintain security; protect vendor’s sensitive information; avoid protests; and manage the contracts efficiently once they’re awarded.

That process, of course, has never been as simple as it might look from a distance, and these days it is getting increasingly complex and difficult as agencies’ portfolios grow. It’s been further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuing shutdowns, an eventual return to a hybrid workplace with both remote and on-site collaborations, and growing concerns over security and document sharing.

The growth in contract values and the size of agency portfolios, especially with their move into the cloud, is only going to continue down the digital path. It’s time for a more comprehensive, automated approach.

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Bill Morris is business operations manager for RunAcquisitions at Noblis.

Built on decades of experience helping agency clients, Noblis’ RunAcquisitions solution secures and manages vendor and government interactions across the acquisition lifecycle from requests for industry input through contract award, management and task order closeout.
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