Full-Spectrum CBRNE and CWMD Defense

Delivering best-in-class CBRNE and CWMD capabilities to ensure the nation’s safety and security

Our nation’s homeland security, defense and intelligence leaders face increasingly sophisticated adversaries with deadly chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) weapons. At Noblis, we know that developing leading-edge capabilities to detect, attribute, deter, respond to and prevent terrorist attacks is key to the security of our nation’s future. Noblis is uniquely equipped to model, assess, analyze, predict, characterize and deter the full range of CBRNE and WMD threats. This complex mission relies on our forward-thinking, sustainable solutions to improve threat awareness, enhance surveillance and detection, and deploy effective countermeasures.

Emerging threats in today’s context of evolving budgetary and national priorities complicates the challenge. Noblis aligns scientific proficiency, unique tools and advanced technologies with our intimate understanding of our federal customers’ mission needs to leverage solutions and deliver new and improved capabilities in defense preparedness. We work side-by-side with government leaders, maximizing budget outcomes and optimizing performance to support this increasingly complex and challenging mission.

Our Offerings

Noblis’ industry-leading CBRNE experts provide critical program support for our nation’s readiness, response and resilience in all cases of potential adversary attacks. From strategy planning and analysis through programmatic and logistical support, the Noblis approach is built on a foundation of technical excellence that enhances ongoing efforts to maintain and advance state-of-the-art defense innovation.

Noblis is uniquely equipped to model, assess, analyze, predict, characterize and enable deterrence and interdiction of the full range of CWMD threats. This complex mission benefit from Noblis’ forward-thinking, sustainable solutions to improve threat awareness, enhance surveillance and detection and deploy effective countermeasures. We bring our full lifecycle, enterprise systems engineering and program management approach to deliver effective, real-world solutions.

Noblis’ deep domain expertise, responsiveness and mission focus on CBRNE defense equips us with the unique insight our federal clients seek. Our proficient coordination and implementation of research, development, testing and evaluation (RDT&E) facilitates independent verification and validation (IV&V) of the efficiency and effectiveness of CBRNE defense capabilities throughout the full-range technology development lifecycle.

Noblis’ threat intelligence experts, systems engineers and scientists work at the leading edge to analyze, assess and model our adversaries’ evolving motives and capabilities, and provide the tools to defeat threats through precision risk assessment, vulnerability analysis and threat characterization.

Noblis is an industry leader in developing world-class bioinformatics tools to support our nation’s rapidly evolving biosurveillance needs. Our bioinformatics expertise uses big data, advanced analytics and high-performance computing to create a layered defense against adversaries deploying biological weapons. Customized Noblis-designed bioinformatics tools for metagenomic analysis are utilized to detect, define, deter and defeat biological threats. Learn More >

Noblis leverages data fusion and analytics tools including simulation, modeling and knowledge management systems, to support all aspects of the CBRNE and CWMD missions. We work in close collaboration with federal agencies to develop unbiased and strategic technical solutions that are robust, practical, affordable and innovative. Noblis develops agile solutions that deliver on our clients’ missions today while building sustainable foundations for success tomorrow. Learn More >

Noblis is building intelligent and predictive systems, tools, and processes to help clients identify their greatest cyber, physical, and biological threats and capitalize on their most promising operational opportunities. Learn More >



  • BioVelocity is a bioinformatics tool based on an innovative algorithm and approach to genomic reference indices. Using a fast and accurate hashing algorithm, BioVelocity can quickly align reads to a set of references. BioVelocity takes advantage of supercomputer power —resulting in faster speeds, increased functionality, increased throughput, and improved accuracy over current technologies. The supercomputing enables us to use a brute force index, built out of all possible base pair sequences of various k-mer lengths. This index is used to map against thousands of references and allows for quick alignment of the k-mers amongst them simultaneously.

    BioVelocity has a variety of functions that the user can choose from, including SNP detection, metagenomic analysis, conserved/signature sequence detection, and compression.

    To learn more about Noblis BioVelocity, contact us here.

  • As sequencing costs drop and thousands of new complete genomes are added to public repositories every year, the landscape of ground truth for current bacterial and viral organisms is in constant flux. Many PCR assays currently used to detect agents and foodborne pathogens were designed years ago, which means they are limited by the availability of genomic data at the time of their inception. Could there be a way to use newer genomic information to ensure that your current assays are still performing as expected?

    Noblis developed a tool called the PCR Signature Erosion Tool (PSET). PSET tests PCR assays in silico against the latest versions of NCBI’s sequence databases to determine if they still match only to their intended targets.

    • As NCBI’s database and other public databases are updated over time, newly added strain genomes can highlight where primers and probes may no longer be functional or where PCR assays may detect previously un-sequenced near neighbors.
    • Using this information, an assay provider can be better aware of potential false hits and be better prepared to design new primers when false hits become intractable.
    • The Army’s Defense Biological Products Assurance Office currently uses PSET to periodically test their assay collection.

    To learn more about Noblis PSET, contact us here.

Why Noblis?

Noblis is integrating expertise and technology across the enterprise to deliver mission success. We deploy best-in-class scientists and engineers across the full operational landscape of CBRNE and WMD threats. We deliver cutting-edge advancements and novel technologies to help our government clients ensure the nation’s safety and security. Through scientific proficiency, unique tools and advanced technologies, we are providing agile and innovative solutions to our federal clients.