Delivering Engineering and Enterprise Solutions to Transform Our Nation’s Airspace

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Noblis is helping the FAA advance the safety, efficiency and sustainment of the air transportation enterprise.

Noblis is committed to advancing the transformation of the national airspace (NAS) by delivering the best in engineering and emerging technologies that will carry us into the next generation of air travel. We develop impartial and impactful solutions to complex air traffic and other enterprise-level system-of-systems problems and ensure the success of transformational FAA programs by delivering full spectrum expertise for the agency’s Aviation Modernization Portfolio.

Noblis provides a broad range of exceptional capabilities and services to the FAA on several critical NAS programs through multiple contract vehicles.
  • Enterprise Programs, Infrastructure and Communications Services (EPICS)
    • Data Communications (Data Comm)
    • System Wide Information Management (SWIM)
    • FAA Enterprise Network Services (FENS)
  • System Engineering and Technical Innovative Solutions (SETIS)
    • Enterprise Information Display System (E-IDS)
    • Office of Investment Planning & Analysis (IP&A)
  • Air Traffic Engineering and Program Support (ATEPS) programs:
    • Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS)
    • Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM)
    • Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)
    • Surveillance and Broadcast Services (SBS)
    • Space Data Integrator (SDI)
  • GSA MAS Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
  • SE2020/2025
Noblis is hiring professionals with FAA experience to join our teams in Washington D.C. and New Jersey.

View EPICS Opportunities  |  View SETIS Opportunities

Our Capabilities

Noblis has supported the full acquisition lifecycle for large-scale aviation and business support systems. We ensure the acquisition program is ready for each milestone decision by combining our expertise in FAA’s Acquisition Management System and cross-cutting technical and functional domain areas. We offer an integrated, secure, web-based software solution through our RunAcquisitions® digital suite to manage the full lifecycle of your acquisition from requirements definition through source selection and contract award. Learn More >

Noblis successfully manages complex projects and programs across a wide spectrum of services by pairing unmatched subject matter expertise with repeatable, industry-based processes and best practices. Our mission as a nonprofit organization working in the public interest keeps us conflict-free and objective when advising our federal clients. Our advisory support spans the entire system lifecycle from program formulation through retirement.

Noblis helps agencies leverage their vast amounts of data to glean insights that elevate organizational and program planning, analysis and execution. Our experts combine deep operational domain knowledge with industry-leading analytics and AI/ML methods to bring novel solutions to highly complex challenges. Noblis research investments in advanced analytics and AI/ML are helping the FAA to analyze, recommend and continuously optimize large-scale enterprise system implementations to achieve operational risk reduction and cost containment goals. Learn More >

Noblis follows rigorous, proven processes to ensure enterprise-level security mechanisms are embedded in programs, systems and infrastructure. We engineer sound security solutions, including threat analysis and cyber intelligence, into architecture designs, manage security risk and improve resiliency. We help agencies protect enterprise information and secure complex systems from internal and external threats without sacrificing operational efficiency. Learn More >

Noblis is moving clients forward in their enterprise digital transformation initiatives to deliver citizen services with increased speed, agility and efficacy. Our approach to digital transformation emphasizes continuous process improvement, strategic insertion of automation and designing awesome customer experiences. Noblis works closely with clients to identify the best approach to meet their needs and we collaborate to develop customized solutions. Our experts can help you see the “art of the possible” quickly and understand the cost and time savings that will result from digital transformation. Learn More >

MBSE is a key part of successful enterprise transformation and sustainment for FAA missions. MBSE provides a holistic, systematic approach for delivering capability sooner, at a reduced cost and with fewer schedule impacts that ensures quality while maintaining regulatory compliance. Digital engineering has become an important strategy in the defense and aviation domains for a faster, more efficient route to new platforms and systems. By constructing digital representations of a system that includes all the characteristics it would have as a physical entity, digital engineering saves much of the costs and time required to build and test physical prototypes.

Noblis has the MBSE expertise to help the FAA reduce risk by simulating complex systems and system-of-systems interactions through early visualization. We provide corporate training, mentoring and implementation strategies for digital engineering transformation. By applying data science, we can help address the difficulties in sharing, maintaining and re-using data with customized Authoritative Sources of Truth (ASoT) to meet our client’s unique needs. Learn More >

Noblis uses both custom developed and commercially available tools to build, calibrate and validate models in support of FAA programs. By evaluating hundreds of simulation scenarios, we establish the benefits and impacts of air traffic operations as a result of introducing new capabilities alongside variances in the air traffic environment, such as convective weather, traffic management initiatives, high-volume, as well as future airport infrastructure and possible airspace designs. Learn More >

Noblis has developed comprehensive strategies and tools for managing federal R&D portfolios. From proposals to demonstration projects to technology transfer, our portfolio management expertise leverages Noblis’ cloud-based grants management system, RunGrants®, which tailors to specific requirements, to ensure efficient and secure processes. Learn More >

Noblis partners with our FAA clients to build and deploy software solutions that enable and support the agency’s mission. We engage users throughout our software design, development and implementation process to ensure the solution meets the need and delivers positive user experiences (UX). Our teams of certified agile software professionals apply standardized processes with DevOps and agile management tools to effectively manage projects at scale and deliver results. Learn More >

Noblis is a leader in System Engineering and Integration (SE&I). We partner with the FAA to organize, define and integrate new capabilities into the National Airspace System (NAS). We collaborate with our clients to deploy innovative technologies that satisfy their requirements while sustaining legacy systems that are critical to operations. We use computer-aided design tools and methods like Model-Based Systems Engineering to develop system models and simulations, showing how systems should work and the benefits and costs of implementation quickly and accurately.

Noblis is appraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
logo for CMMIDEV/3 expires 2024-03-12, appraisal # 52433

Delivering Enterprise Solutions to the FAA

Our experts are helping to develop the integrated systems and technologies that will carry us into the next generation of air transportation. Contact us at or

image of plane above the clouds in a blue skyDelivering Full Spectrum Expertise for Aviation Enterprise Infrastructure and Services

Noblis is the Prime contractor of the Enterprise Programs, Infrastructure, and Communications Services (EPICS) contract, which helps Data Communications and programs within the Communications, Information and Network Programs Group (CINP) to accomplish their mission objectives. The contract provides a broad range of System Engineering; Acquisition and Program Management Support; In-Service Management and Support; Business and Financial Management; Information Systems Development and Support; Studies, Analyses, and Evaluations; and other services required by the CINP. The contract is expected to serve as the primary means for CINP to obtain required technical services.

image of air traffic control data on a screenPartnering with the FAA to Modernize Our Nation’s Airspace

The United States operates the largest, most complex, and safest aerospace system in the world. This system manages over 30 million square miles of airspace and supports over 70,000 flights and two million passengers every day. Noblis is partnering with the FAA to improve the safety, efficiency, and environmental footprint of today’s system, while also ensuring the successful transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System through transformational programs such as Data Communications, System Wide Information Management, Terminal Flight Data Manager, FAA Enterprise Network Services, and the VoICE Communication System.

three air traffic control professionals at consoles inside a tower looking out at the runwayEngaging Stakeholders to Ensure Program Success

Noblis combines people, process, and technology to engage a wide array of internal and external stakeholders with program planning, execution, and implementation. Our experts engage operational personnel and organizations in the development of the models and simulations used to extend today’s operations toward a vision for the future. Aircraft which are primarily consumers of air traffic services today are key enablers of the NextGen capabilities of tomorrow. Noblis’ focus on the development of system of systems capabilities includes facilitating the critical coordination, collaboration, and cooperation across multiple constituencies (e.g., program offices, development vendors, and operational users) to ensure programmatic and operational success.

Furthering the State-of-the-Art in Noblis Research Labs

The Noblis Innovation and Collaboration Center (NICC), located at our Reston, VA HQ, is home to cutting-edge research projects that help our customers achieve their critical missions. It is where complex problems are explored to create practical, forward-thinking, sustainable solutions. It consists of laboratory spaces and collaborative work areas where our employees and their customers can prototype, analyze, model, simulate and showcase results and new ideas. We offer both physical and virtual spaces and a suite of services and tools for high-performance computing and advanced data analytics as well as development environments through a secure science and technology cloud.

image of aerial, space, land and sea networks showing coastline with air and space above. In the landscape are multiple systems for satelites, drones, planes, land craft and sea craft as examples of the networks for clients like FAA, FHWA, NOAA, Navy and DHS
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Engineering Advanced Data Solutions Across Air, Space, Land and Sea

Client Missions we Proudly Serve — for the best of reasons

Noblis engineers develop advanced network and data solutions across Air, Space, Land and Sea for multiple critical agency missions. We work with our clients on priority communication strategies to ensure first responders can communicate during emergency situations and that our Federal Highway system is using automation and control systems to ensure safe roadways. We engineer solutions to ensure weather information is provided on time to the FAA from NOAA’s space satellites, and that the Naval fleet is securely transmitting data and providing predictive maintenance alerts on critical systems. For the FAA we are ensuring all layers of the network are performing at scale to carry the data to ensure a safe airspace, whether it be via FTI/FENS, DataComm, TFDM or SWIM.

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