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Noblis’ experts help transform the nation’s healthcare system with thought leadership, innovation, data and science-based solutions to address the public health challenges of tomorrow.
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Our Capabilities

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Bioinformatics Services

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Bio-Safety Level 2 Facilities

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Applied Sciences Research Center

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Advanced Analytics and Visualization

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Digital Engineering

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Agile Transformation

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Health Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Field Guide for Public Sector Enterprises

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Artificial Intelligence: A field guide for public sector enterprises, first editionThe federal government and industry alike are investing heavily in artificial intelligence (AI), harnessing the computational ability to learn and mimic the cognitive functions of humans capable of deriving insights at scale—key to our nation’s digital dominance. Many organizations are unsure how to best use their data to power their mission, enable effective and rapid decision-making and ensure the digital fluency of their workforce. This Field Guide shares the challenges and benefits and provides practical guidance and best practices for public sector organizations seeking to adopt AI within their enterprise.

Why Noblis?

As a non-profit with a mission-first orientation, Noblis integrates the critical elements of independence and objectivity into the agile and innovative solutions we provide to our customers. Moreover, investing in the critical technologies of tomorrow is an integral part of our mission. Our scientific and domain experts have the creativity and experience to bring together breakthrough innovation and strategic insight to transform the healthcare missions of federal civilian agencies.