Accelerating Research to Space and Aeronautics Missions

partial view of earth's surface from space

Driving the Research that Powers Next Generation Mission Success

Leading edge research must be consistently advanced and integrated into mission design and operations to impact the future. Space and aeronautics mission stakeholders are challenged to ensure research investments are mission-driven and user-centered.

Noblis is a research-driven organization with deep expertise accelerating research to federal missions. We help agencies apply the right blend of emerging technologies and proven capabilities to solve their critical challenges. Our end-to-end technology, strategy and management expertise ensures each dollar spent on research is an investment that enhances and enables tomorrow’s missions.

Our Offerings

Noblis is turning data problems into data solutions by harnessing the power of high-performance computing, AI and ML. We help agencies transform into data-driven organizations by providing end-to-end, rapid analytics and AI/ML capabilities to build proactive systems and develop actionable insights. We help clients make sense of their data to solve mission-critical problems and identify their greatest cyber, physical and biological threats. Learn More >

Integrating autonomous machines in the spaces they share with each other – and with humans. Both civilian and non-civilian sectors have been energized by the potential of autonomous machines to transform operational practices. As autonomous machines leave the prototyping stage and begin to be integrated into mainstream operations, this transition has resulted in new and complex challenges. Noblis’ Autonomous Systems Research Center develops systems that allow autonomous machines to advance from single-purpose, isolated actors into scalable, self-organizing solutions. Learn More >

Noblis supports many of the Nation’s most critical air transportation and aeronautics missions. We provide engineering support for the telecommunication and networking infrastructure of the National Airspace (NAS) and enable new entrants such as drones, to operate alongside existing traffic. Our expertise in traffic management spans from autonomous surface transportation to space traffic.

At Noblis, applying innovative thinking and inventions to these challenges is an integral part of how we serve our clients and their missions. We help transform new and novel ideas and inventions into practical, sustainable solutions that increase mission performance and efficiency. Learn More >

Noblis delivers leading-edge software to clients, using development practices that have been appraised at Capability Maturing Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 for meeting rigorous change management and quality assurance/control procedures. Throughout the development process, we ensure that user-centric Agile design and development, software quality assurance protocols, Agile project management and IT governance processes are kept top of mind. Our approach allows for frequent, ongoing interaction with user communities to deliver valued capabilities in a time and cost-effective framework. Learn More >

Noblis applies decades of robust systems engineering expertise to complex client problems. At Noblis, we work with clients to understand their needs and provide adaptable and transferable solutions based on mission requirements. Noblis supports clients at every phase of a program’s lifecycle. We help clients assess and streamline their current business processes and find ways to create efficiencies. We identify strategies that will improve client systems, manage risk, eliminate redundancies and cut costs, thus providing solutions that will last.

Noblis is performing high-fidelity, fast-time modeling and simulation that supports both early investment decisions and operational analysis. Federal agencies face significant obstacles when developing and maintaining high-cost, high-risk systems. By applying effective modeling and simulation, they can reduce risks, lower costs and gain insight into future system behavior. Noblis experts in modeling, simulation and visualization help government missions through every step of the process, from ingesting and analyzing high-volume data to creating high-fidelity, fast-time simulations and producing informative and compelling visualizations. Learn More >

Why Noblis?

Noblis understands how to accelerate research to mission—it’s in our DNA. We’re a non-profit, research-driven organization with a proven track record solving mission challenges through research and innovation. We have unparalleled experience bringing emerging research and novel ideas to capability through our Noblis Sponosored Research program—our annual investment in R&D. By leveraging our Noblis Sponsored Research program, high-performance computing infrastructure and deep domain knowledge, we’ve developed a proven track record for turning emerging technologies into mission success. As a non-profit organization committed to working in the public interest, Noblis is unique. We have no commercial interests to advance, no vendor alliances to protect and no sponsors to represent. We are free to focus on what matters most—finding solutions that work. We work collaboratively across the company and with partners in industry and academia to ensure we deliver the best answer to each client challenge.