Test & Evaluation (T&E) for the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

JAIC BPA Overview

As part of its mission to accelerate the delivery and adoption of AI to achieve mission impact at scale, the JAIC awarded a BPA to Noblis and its teammates, Calypso AI and i3, in February 2022 to streamline procurement and delivery of AI test and evaluation of tools for military services and associated stakeholders. Using the JAIC BPA, stakeholders may partner with the Noblis team for comprehensive review, analysis and testing to confirm that their AI requirements are correctly defined and that the software, model or system correctly—and ethically—implements required functionality and security.

Get AI You Can Trust

For the past several years, AI research and development has focused on improving the effectiveness of AI systems and assessing its potential impacts on everything from manufacturing to munitions. While significant breakthroughs have been realized and trust in AI has grown, it’s increasingly important to ensure that AI software and systems account for intended or unintended consequences. The JAIC T&E BPA provides easy access to Team Noblis and our experience to ensure stakeholders can trust AI to deliver accurate and actionable output without question.

thumbnail image of the JAIC BPA factsheetWorking With Team Noblis

Armed with more than 30 years of combined support to DoD and national security clients, Team Noblis members are experts in testing, designing and deploying AI software and systems. To learn more about the JAIC BPA including period of performance, authorized users and who to contact, read our fact sheet.
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Team Noblis at a Glance

Team Noblis ensures that AI capabilities and services reliably and consistently deliver the right answer every time they are called into action to enable significant mission outcomes at scale.

Noblis logo


  • Non-profit science and technology organization
  • 25+ years of experience delivering objective T&E capabilities for defense, national security, intelligence and civilian clients
  • Use AI/Big Data to drive mission and resource effectiveness

Mission Highlights and Customer Benefits

  • Improved the recognition performance on unconstrained face imagery and developed algorithms for face-morphing and aspect-ratio manipulation
  • Integrated algorithms for cargo imaging and sensor applications and generated captions for images and videos through deep learning networks
  • Identified combinations of algorithms to counter adversarial machine learning and created, track and present AI rationale and chains of evidence

CalypsoAI logo


  • Founded by DARPA, NASA and DoD veterans
  • Singular focus on advanced AI T&E technologies
  • Provide decision makers with confidence in their AI solutions’ performance

Mission Highlights and Customer Benefits

  • Signature offering, VESPRTM Validate, assesses inherent model risks from adversarial hacking, thresholds of failure in data corruption and performance limitations in real-world environments
  • Provides AI developers and adopters with a repeatable, reliable and scalable metrics to ensure performance meets mission

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  • 8a technology services company
  • Focus on AI/ML and data analytics
  • Deliver mission-critical, high-velocity, intelligence-gathering systems for defense, law enforcement and national security users

Mission Highlights and Customer Benefits

  • Deployed and continuously improved AI models and shared cloud tools for specialized Department of Justice task force
  • Provided capabilities that resulted in the identification and successful prosecution of terrorists, organized criminals and fraudsters
  • Created a next-generation Analytic Center of Excellence for the Pandemic Accountability Committee that identified millions in fraudulent spending
Contact us to learn more about working with Team Noblis: answers@noblis.org

Podcast Series: Tackling Government Challenges Through Science and Technology

Noblis is the exclusive sponsor of a year-long podcast series produced by Federal News Network (FNN)/WTOP. The segment on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a two-part panel discussion highlighting AI. Listen on demand at the links below and learn more about the full series on our podcast landing page.

Part 1 Designing and Planning for Trusted AI Systems: 
Part 2 Implementing an AI Plan:

Featured Speakers:

  • Jesse Rowlands, AI Strategic Officer, Defense Logistics Agency
  • Rajiv Uppal, Chief Information Officer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Taka Ariga, Chief Data Scientist and Director of the Innovation Lab, Government Accountability Office
  • Chris Barnett, Chief Technology Officer, Noblis