Identity Intelligence

Delivering applied and operational identity and behavioral analytics to solve complex challenges

Identity challenges are a major roadblock for federal agencies and law enforcement tasked with keeping our citizens safe and our borders secure. That’s why Noblis is at the forefront of developing solutions that combine computer vision, machine learning, biometric and forensic science, and digital forensics technologies to solve complex intelligence and national security challenges. We are a proven partner with over 20 years’ experience providing lifecycle support to intelligence missions, from applied research, to standards development and advanced technology design, engineering, and integration support for federal stakeholders in the identity intelligence and management, biometrics, and multimedia analytics domain.   

Our Offerings

Noblis has a world-class, multifaceted forensic science research program. Our forensic portfolio includes scientific research and analysis, evaluations of the accuracy and reliability of forensic experts, design and development of operational and research software, and development of standards and guidelines.

Noblis experts have literally written the book on image processing. With English, German, and Chinese editions of our “Principles of Digital Image Processing” available, Noblis’ image processing expertise enjoys an international reputation. We leverage our decades of experience and custom tools to develop novel algorithms for our clients’ most difficult problems including image enhancement and forensic manipulation detection, media triage, computer vision algorithms for segmentation, feature extraction, and motion estimation and tracking. Noblis has developed unique capabilities for the secure collection, curating, and processing of massive image and video data sets using our computer vision and machine learning pipeline and high-performance GPU, cloud, and supercomputer systems.

Noblis research, develops, and evaluates technologies that identify and consolidate subjects into person-centric large databases, utilizing fusion of identification modalities like textual biographical matching and biometrics. The technologies that we develop and evaluate are used to protect our borders from persons who pose a risk to national security, and identify persons of interest.

Noblis has a history of serving IC members such as the FBI and DHS in a wide range of multimedia processing pursuits.  This support has included the creation of strategic roadmaps related to video analytics as well as the development, integration, and deployment of operational tools providing automated analytics, Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX), and reporting capabilities.  Noblis actively interfaces with other IC partners and contributors to develop, test, evaluate, and integrate cutting-edge research algorithms in domains such as unconstrained face recognition, video summarization, and foreign language analysis into operational systems minimizing the time from basic research to actionable operational intelligence products.

Noblis has been a recognized leader in biometrics and identity management for many years. Our staff has extensive experience in face recognition, fingerprint, palmprint, and iris systems — developing algorithms, systems engineering and acquisition of large-scale identification systems, developing standards, and evaluating algorithm performance.

For almost two decades, Noblis has provided biometric systems engineering, testing and development, research, and acquisition support to federal clients. Our work helps improve the accuracy and reliability of technologies and establishes best practices that can be applied on an enterprise scale.

Our solutions are customized to the data challenge at hand. We offer clients a “hybrid” approach to our HPC capabilities to ensure greatest value. Our high performance computing systems can handle parallel applications that cannot run well on conventional systems. They excel at tasks such as pattern matching, scenario development, behavioral prediction, anomaly identification, and graph analysis.

Noblis’ CMMI-rated, holistic approach to software development has been applied successfully to all clients within our Identity Intelligence and Systems portfolio including but not limited to the FBI, DHS, and DOS.   With foundations in user-centric design and adaptable agile practices, Noblis’ software development resources can be applied to small applied research prototypes through large scale systems integration programs.  Using cutting edge continuous integration, delivery, and monitoring practices and tools, Noblis software development pipelines are capable of rapidly progressing from code commit to orchestrated (cloud) deployment.  These practices are enabled by Noblis cleared, certified experts in the agile lifecycle, mobile development, and site reliability practices.

Why Noblis?

Since 1990, Noblis identity intelligence experts, scientists, engineers, and developers have had a proven track record of enabling federal agencies to solve their most complicated identity management challenges. We bring together the best expertise and technology to develop applied biometric and forensic systems and technology that solves critical mission needs.