Noblis Response to Client Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Agencies have sought rapid action and innovative solutions – and Noblis has responded

Like many government agencies, Noblis clients in the civilian, defense, intelligence and homeland security sectors have been challenged during the pandemic to fulfill their existing missions and meet new demands that have resulted. Agencies have sought rapid action and innovative solutions – and Noblis has responded.

For example, Noblis developed complex analytic dashboards to assess the impact of COVID-19 and stay at home directives on one civilian government agency’s operations and employee effectiveness, and to keep government officials informed of these impacts through a common operational picture. The information helped the agency respond faster and more comprehensively to the needs of its constituents.

For another civilian agency supporting economic relief efforts for citizens, Noblis helped ensure the systems were free of fraudulent activity, a critical need for the agency. This was a rapid turnaround initiative to identify and analyze anomalous and suspicious behavior to ensure timely and accurate delivery of citizen benefits.

For clients in the national security sector Noblis created dashboards for decision makers so they could access COVID-19 data to quickly analyze and assess the health of the workforce. Also, Noblis rapidly stood up the first secure on-line training courses for a client, which were well received and enabled continued operations while socially distanced. This improved the clients’ operating efficiency during this challenging time and their ability to support their constituents in the national security community.

For another national security client Noblis leveraged big data, advanced analytics and high-performance computing to provide rapid results that contributed to accelerating the virus detection process and combating the outbreak. The data was published in an online discussion forum, identifying four highly specific sequences which were unique to the corona virus. Noblis is continuing to do research in this area focused on developing novel approaches to detect changes in COVID-19’s genetic patterns, with the goal to enable more effective therapeutics and testing regimes.

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