Noblis at the 2023 NVTC AI Summit

Key takeaways from the panel discussion “New Challenges and Risk Frameworks Related to Trustworthy AI.”

The Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Impact AI Summit on May 9 brought together a variety of stakeholders from the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) community spanning the private, public and academic sectors to discuss recent topics of interest in the field of artificial intelligence. The many insightful sessions throughout the day covered topics including generative AI, trustworthy and responsible AI, and the impact of these technologies on application areas such as healthcare, defense and systems development.

Dr. Nick Bartlow, Noblis AI and ML Research Center lead, participated in a panel discussion titled “New Challenges and Risk Frameworks Related to Trustworthy AI.” He and fellow panel members honed in on numerous important issues for organizations looking to integrate AI into their capabilities, including:

  • Defining the objectives, strategies and tactics for ensuring organizations develop and integrate AI in trustworthy and responsible ways.
  • Integrating emerging frameworks such as the NIST Risk Management Framework and the Defense Innovation Unit’s Responsible AI Guidelines.
  • Addressing the challenges associated with building and managing AI development pipelines at scale.
  • Considerations for deciding on the degree to which human agency is required within AI systems.
  • Balancing AI governance with the ability to innovate through AI application.

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