Mile Corrigan

Vice President, Federal Civilian Solutions

As Vice President of Federal Civilian Solutions, Ms. Corrigan is responsible for the overall direction of the federal civilian government portfolio, driving mission impacts and delivering innovative acquisition, lifecycle engineering, and strategic services on an enterprise scale. Ms. Corrigan provides leadership and program management expertise for the $800M Enterprise Programs Infrastructure Communications Services (EPICS) prime contract responsible for maintaining the FAA’s telecommunications infrastructure, the acquisition of new infrastructure and communications capabilities, integration of enterprise solutions, and the achievement of NextGen objectives.

Ms. Corrigan has a proven track record of delivering streamlined technology solutions and market strategies for complex programs in aviation, space, telecommunications, high performance infrastructure, healthcare, and sustainability. Ms. Corrigan is an industry-recognized expert software engineer with specialized expertise in agile software development and the management and implementation of digital solutions, web-based systems, enterprise architecture programs, and lean process engineering initiatives. She has received numerous letters of commendation for her outstanding leadership and performance.

Prior to her role as VP of Transportation and Telecommunications, Ms. Corrigan established and operationalized Noblis’ Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE). In this capacity, she provided leadership, direction, strategy, and vision in technology, systems development, and process engineering. She led transformation in the areas of software development, software modeling and simulation, user experience, visual analytics, and mobile and connective application technology.

Ms. Corrigan has published papers and technology solutions in peer-reviewed journals and symposia, and has served on a number of industry panels. She holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Information Technology from Virginia Polytechnic and State University. Additionally, Ms. Corrigan has been recognized with many professional awards in the government and technology sector including the Washington Business Journal (WBJ) Top 40 Under 40 award for her leadership in driving growth and strategy as a DC-area business leader. She is a two-time Women In Technology (WIT) award winner for her business leadership in the mid-market sector $100-700M (2018) and for her unique vision, talent, and leadership in Green Information Technology (2011).