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When you engage with Noblis, you will work with experts who are passionate about their disciplines. These are people who research, write, publish, share ideas, and thrive on the application of their expertise. Their motivation is internal and mission-oriented; it stems from a desire to excel and realize results.

You will benefit from a multi-faceted approach to your challenges because Noblis professionals are knowledgeable in specific disciplines, such as acquisition and information security, as well as domains, such as healthcare.

When you look at Noblis, you see quality.  Our ISO 9001:2000 certification is one example of Noblis’ dedication to quality. Quality comes from Noblis investing in its people and those people taking pride in their individual achievements as well as their commitment to our customers' missions.

When you work with Noblis, you can be confident of our ethical standards that are reinforced by our non-profit status and our ability to be objective. Our professionals adhere to ethical standards because they know that their managers and Noblis senior leadership do not compromise these established rules of behavior, regardless of the business consequences.

Difficult and Complex:
Our experts negotiated vendor pricing for new technology products and services that led to savings of over $7 billion on the FTS 2001 and Networx contracts.
Noblis professionals integrated domain and technical expertise to create a sustainability tool that measures and reduces greenhouse gas from government facilities.

Noblis Experts

Colin Dunn

Colin is a project manager working in energy efficiency and green technology.
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Vernon Ingram

Vernon is President of Noblis ESI and is a recognized expert in airborne, surface ship, and submarine reconnaissance.
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