National Intern Day 2018: Learn about Noblis’ Internship Program

Marketing & Communications Intern Kaitlyn Horinko Gives an Overview of Noblis’ Program from an Intern’s Perspective

This year, Noblis joins the ranks alongside several other esteemed organizations to pledge to celebrate National Intern Day, a campaign from the career company WayUp. According to WayUp, this campaign “encourages employers to celebrate, empower and recognize Interns” and is celebrated on July 26. Interns at Noblis this summer have had the chance to celebrate by participating in a photo contest with prizes, attending an intern lunch with the Chairman of the Noblis Board of Trustees, and learning about a special giveaway at the end of the summer. Although having a day to celebrate interns is important, summer internships at Noblis celebrate early career students throughout the whole summer with a dynamic and engaging program.

While talking with this year’s Internship Program Manager, Alexa Senio, I got to learn a lot more about the program I am part of this summer. For example, this year the internship program spans across seven Noblis offices! Interns are located at the Noblis Headquarters in Reston, Va., Chantilly, Va., Woodlawn, Md., CapGal in Washington D.C., Bridgeport, Wv., Danville, Va., and San Antonio, Tx. Alexa told me that intern positions also vary on a yearly basis, but positions commonly exist in the areas of computer science, modeling and simulation, systems engineering, cybersecurity, business development, blockchain, internet of things, and marketing.

“Noblis’ Summer Internship Program strives to give interns a well-rounded career experience. Throughout the summer, interns have an opportunity to engage directly with client projects, network with employees from around the company, build mentorship relationships, and learn from our executives and experts in our weekly lunches,” said Alexa. As the Internship Program Manager, my hope is that our program can serve as a sandbox for interns to learn, experiment, connect, and grow. As a former intern myself, I’ve been able to see both sides of the program and having that opportunity has allowed us to take the program to a whole new level.”

When I applied to be an intern, I highlighted my past experiences, but also the work I hoped to do in my future career and my interests. I have seen firsthand how Noblis culture values development and giving employees the chance to create the career they want.

“Noblis provides an incredible opportunity for our interns to take on real world problems, develop and implement solutions, and cultivate lasting relationships,” said Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Dave Thomas. What’s great is that our interns have the opportunity to experience and gain understanding of what it is like supporting the federal government, whether they are in a technical or support role.”

It’s been great to see that how much emphasis is placed on interns and their impact at Noblis, and I’ve seen firsthand that many full-time employees are former interns. Flexible schedules and volunteer opportunities are some of the other benefits from a summer working for the company. Free coffee and snacks have made the office feel more comfortable, along with our open floor plan and plenty of collaborative group spaces. My summer at Noblis has been spent all around the office!

I’ve also appreciated the “lunch and learn” sessions, where subject matter experts have presented on their fields throughout the summer. My favorite intern lunch had to be hearing from Talent Acquisition Specialists at Noblis, since they gave a variety of candid advice and stories from recruiting. Company executives have also invited interns to learn from them throughout the summer. I had the chance to meet and learn about Amr ElSawy, Noblis President & CEO, and got a chance to talk to him about his journey at Noblis, career advice, and more. It’s easy to see why the perks of interning at Noblis, from small (free food and company swag) to big (networking and professional development), have been an exceptional part of my experience.

“Noblis professionally develops interns in various ways. Aside from the real-world projects that interns work on in their area of interest, they also participate in various networking activities, professional development lunches, and even get the opportunity to conversate with multiple members of our executive and leadership team,” said Talent Acquisition Specialist Felicia Bush. At the end of the Summer, interns will have a great understanding of what it is like to be a working team member in their field, as well as will be even more prepared for life after school, and ultimately, their job search.

Overall, Noblis is proud to have an internship program that honors interns and their experiences throughout the summer and beyond. I am so grateful for the time I have spent here because of the people I’ve met and the chances I’ve been given to get creative with projects. Leading the National Intern Day initiative is just one of the ways I’ve seen Noblis inspire interns to put their best selves forward and apply themselves to new opportunities.

P.S., Applications for the internship program open the fall proceeding the summer of the internship, which means positions for the summer of 2019 should be available in the coming months! The program at Noblis lasts for 10 weeks, and interns can apply directly on the Careers website.