Woodlawn Open House

image of scissors cutting a red ribbon in front of a crowd

The Noblis team hosted a re-opening event at our enhanced office in Woodlawn, Maryland.

Our Woodlawn office is located at:
2275-J Rolling Run Drive, Baltimore, MD 21244
Contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about the advanced capabilities, technologies and solutions we bring to help advance federal civilian healthcare missions.
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From left to right: Christoph Wollershiem, Lisa Gardner and Gary Sladic cutting the ribbon at the Woodlawn office re-opening event

Meet Our Noblis Team

headshot of Mile Corrigan

Mile Corrigan
President and Chief Executive Officer

Gary Sladic

Gary Sladic
Sr. Vice President, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer and Treasurer

headshot of Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner
Vice President for Federal Civilian Solutions

headshot of Jim Soltys

Jim Soltys
Vice President of Business Development and Chief Solution Architect for Federal Civilian Solutions

headshot of Christoph Wollersheim

Christoph Wollersheim
Division Director for Digital Solutions and Advanced Analytics

headshot of Sean Rutherford

Sean Rutherford
Director of Business Development, Healthcare

headshot of Michael Torppey

Michael Torppey
Senior Program Manager

Featured Demonstrations and Subject Matter Experts

If you would like to learn more about the following demonstrations, please contact us to be connected with our subject matter experts.
Subject Matter Expert(s)
Applied Sciences Research Center
The Applied Sciences Research Center focuses on understanding and harnessing chemistry, biology, radiological and nuclear physics for public good and national security. During this demo, our experts will showcase chem and bio detection, as well as VR training solutions for working in a hazardous environment.
Jared Haas, Katharine Jennings and Justin Taylor
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Every organizations’ data contains rich information that can be difficult to tap. In this demo, we will share how Noblis uses ML and NLP to find and manage the knowledge you didn’t know you had.
Jen Moutenot, Chris Curtis and Chip Steiner
Cyber – InfoSec
During this demo, we’ll share how Noblis’ Cyber Innovation Research Center brings subject matter experts from across our organization and cyber domains to provide novel capabilities to advance our clients’ missions.
Randy Redmon, Roger Lipman and Paul Bloomer
Data Science
Noblis is people focused. During this demo, our experts will present “We’re listening – People-Centered Data Science” and our unique take on it.
Cody Rutherford, Michael Whittington and William Rubin
Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Lean Agile
In this demo, we will share how we apply DesignOps including HCD methods and Lean Agile management to accelerate modernization and enhance usability and customer experience.
Chris Lentz, Tim Antlitz and Rebecca Gallagher
Health Policy and Equity
Noblis understands the impacts of Health Equity. During this demo, our experts will explore “Health Equity and Predictive Analytics.”
Byrone Brown and Sterling Thomas
Run with Noblis Solutions
With decades of grants, research and acquisitions experience, Noblis understands the challenge of modernizing cumbersome legacy processes that contribute to inefficient utilization of government resources. In this demo, we will explore our Run with Noblis solutions — SaaS products designed to centralize communications and simplify legacy processes to improve efficiency, save time and money and enhance mission impact.
Muhanad Kirrish, Bill Morris and Jim Soltys

Learn More About Noblis Capabilities and Solutions

abstract image of network forming secure chainArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Noblis applies deep ML, applied mathematics and AI to create predictive analytics and visualization capabilities, tools and solutions that enhance the ability of human analysts.
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Noblis is delivering insights at mission speed through analytics and solutions to stay ahead of internal and external threats.
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image of woman looking at computer screen with data and visualization elementsDigital Solutions and Agile Software Development

Noblis integrates strong product management, user-centric design and adaptable Lean Agile practices for a quality product on a predictable release schedule.

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Run with Noblis Solutions

Noblis is addressing the evolving needs of federal agencies with the speed, performance and scale of digital solutions that create insights, automate workflows, streamline processes and drive greater outcomes.
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