Let’s Talk Career: Conversations with Women Leaders at Noblis

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Noblis looks back at the career conversations we’ve hosted this year. These events were an opportunity for our women in leadership— in diverse roles across the company— to share their experiences with others. In the list below, we’ve collected our five favorite pieces of advice from these meaningful conversations.  

Understand that the adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies to your career. Stay proactive and consistently seek new areas, large or small, where you can make a difference. Even when a goal feels far away, it’s important to understand that small, incremental successes are oftentimes the building blocks of very meaningful impacts.

Establish and maintain healthy, two-way relationships. Be sure to cultivate relationships with others who inspire you to reach your goalsOnce you’ve established those relationships, make it a priority to “lean in” as often as you ask for favors. As one of our leaders shared, “when you make a call, the relationship you’ve built with the person on the other end is what ultimately drives whether or not they choose to answer the phone.”

Say yes to new opportunities that you know will challenge you. Regardless of your role, there will always be opportunities to step outside the “day to day” description of your job. Nearly all of the women leaders at Noblis who spoke shared a story of how an opportunity that seemed out of reach at first, ended up in reward. As one participant put it, “part of growing is saying yes to things that might initially be scary.”

When others see potential in you that you don’t recognize yourself, believe them. Take feedback to heart, even when it surprises you. As one of our leaders shared, you may have a strength you don’t notice on your own. Remain open to these opportunities to learn more about yourself from the perspective of others and find trusted mentors to help you apply those strengths to your overall career goals.

Surround yourself with people who care. Make it a priority to surround yourself with people that hold similar values and passions as you, especially in the workplaceFor example, an important part of the culture at Noblis is a shared passion for mission. “If you’re around people who find meaning in their work, you will inevitability find more meaning and opportunity in your career,” implored one of our leaders.

This year, Noblis was proud to partner with Women in Technology to advance a shared mission to develop and advance women in technical fields. We are committed to encouraging diversity in the workplace and are proud to be an award-winning “Top Workplace” that values placing people first. To learn more about Life at Noblis, click here