DOWNLOAD: WMD in the Digital Age – Event Recap

Data is Emerging as a Viable and Potent Early Warning System

Across government – from the Department of Homeland Security to defense and the intelligence community – professionals charged with keeping our country safe are striving to combat adversaries armed with deadly and increasingly sophisticated weapons: chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive. Thwarting the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction is a complex undertaking. More and more, success relies on the ability to extract and act on critical, timely and actionable intel mined from mountains of information.

“As a nation, we are getting better at collecting data. We are getting better at monitoring sensors, we are getting better at developing countermeasures. Tying all these together and shortening the time between detection and response and ensuring a coordinated action is clearly our next challenge,” said Jordin Cohen, Ph.D., vice president, Defense and Homeland Security, Noblis, a nonprofit organization with expertise in science, technology and strategy. Noblis uses its technological proficiency to help government agencies solve complex problems for the benefit of the public good. Cohen welcomed attendees to a recent symposium, Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Digital Age. Co-sponsored by FCW, Defense Systems and Noblis, the event featured speakers from organizations across the security, defense and intelligence communities.

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