To take advantage of the power of the EIS program, agencies must master the details of its contracting approach. That challenge is that EIS’ approach does not mirror those of its predecessor programs, like Networx. From its vendor-unique mixes of offerings and service availability, to its innovative pricing approaches, to its use of a formalized Task Order approach with delegation of procurement authority from GSA to the buying agency— EIS is “not your father’s GSA telecom contract”. But is your agency ready to use EIS?

Awarding your agency’s task order is just step one. Now, you must go through the journey of ordering services to transition and modernize your enterprise. Noblis’ suite of tools are critical to managing the complexity and maintaining the traceability of agency task orders with hundreds of CLINS, thousands of price points, transition cutovers, parallel operations with legacy contracts, inventory and billing reconciliation of thousands. Most importantly, our tools successfully defend against both a pre-award and post-award protests.

See the top ten benefits of a Noblis-enabled EIS journey below:

EIS graphic Final 2-01