DNA analysis

Join Noblis at the Joint Civil & DoD CBRN Symposium, June 8-9

Noblis bioinformatics team will be onsite at the Joint Civil & DoD CBRN Symposium, June 8-9. Visit our table to:

  • Learn about Noblis’ full spectrum security and defense operations
  • See a live demo of our Portable DNA Sequencing and Analysis System
  • Hear from Noblis’ Chief Scientist, Sterling Thomas, ...
Noblis Field-Portable DNA Sequencing Solution

The Problem

Our Approach

In mission-critical applications such as biosurveillance—the tracking and detection of potentially harmful biological agents for national defense and public health missions—time is everything. Noblis has developed an end-to-end field-portable genetic sequencing and analysis system to decrease response times. The Noblis research team’s solution (depicted in Figure 1):
  • Enables rapid ...