Download: Assessing Occupational & Environmental Risks for Robust Decision-Making

Integrating lifecycle analysis and costing for more robust decision-making and improved mission outcomes

Legacy systems are familiar to an organization and to users, but they may eventually need to be replaced by more modern and optimized systems. Choosing the best replacement for legacy systems is difficult. There may be several alternative solutions to choose from, and they each carry their own benefits, risks and costs. While some organizations have domain expertise in analyzing the performance of a system (benefits), assessing operational challenges (risks), and estimating expenditures (costs), there is a hidden side of the analysis: the unknowns associated with occupational and environmental performance.

Whether the system is in support of a new material, vehicle or building, it is critical to understand lifecycle costs and risks of the system and its supply chain. Noblis offers subject matter experts (SMEs) to analyze systems for lifecycle costs and risks. Noblis also developed a web-based tool, SparkLC, for assisting clients with such analyses. These sustainability analyses (combining cost and risks) can identify inefficiencies and hazards such as occupational exposure to hazardous conditions in systems, improving safety and performance and saving money.