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Gathering and sifting through large amounts of data is a necessary but arduous task that takes valuable time needed for situational analysis and assessments.

As a federal agency, you know the importance and challenge of understanding precursors of relevant information before it’s too late. The time analysts have to spend on data gathering can take away from assessment and decision making—and create other challenges that require them to:

  • Sift through large amounts of data from many disparate sources
  • Quickly and clearly see queries and connections that support faster (and smarter) decision making
  • Manually organize and present data in a clear, consolidated and structured view
  • Find tools that meet the unique agency and mission needs

Success from Collection to Conclusion

Noblis’ RunSituationalAnalysis solution automates the data-gathering process by collecting, contextualizing and connecting information so you can make critical decisions faster.


With Noblis’ RunSituationalAnalysis solution you can identify actionable intelligence—from thousands of sources—within minutes of new online posts to drive quick operational responses and successful investigative actions.

Automates the process for analysts so they can spend more time on assessment and results.

Quickly aggregates data from multiple, disparate sources.

Delivers a consolidated view of sources and persistent queries.

Automates search through natural language processing (NLP).

Creates structured analysis from unstructured data.

Illuminates connections in data for results and analysis.

Integrates at every step of the intelligence cycle from planning to dissemination.

Compatible with existing technologies and workflows.

woman at computer looking at data

Noblis’ RunSituationalAnalysis solution delivers around-the-clock monitoring that illuminates new, meaningful pieces of publicly available information (PAI).

Noblis’ RunSituationalAnalysis solution automates and enhances processes within the intelligence lifecycle and can be tailored to meet and exceed your mission needs.


Automates and targets publicly available information (PAI) and aggregates data from thousands of sources.


Identifies relevant information through natural language processing (NLP) and threat targeting with predictive analytics.


Illuminates data connections and presents data relationships for faster and more accurate results, analysis and decision making.

Noblis’ RunSituationalAnalysis easily adapts to numerous use cases such as counterterrorism, counterintelligence, critical infrastructure, supply chain, cyber and many more.

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Learn how the automated features in Noblis’ RunSituationalAnalysis solution can help you increase efficiencies and deliver more results faster to help your agency to stay ahead of threats. Download our Solution Sheet for more information.

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The features in Noblis’ RunSituationalAnalysis brings decades of intelligence experience and can be configured for use by an agency, office, department and/or individual.

RunSituationalAnalysis is available for government and commercial use.

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