Noblis Research: Data Analytics and High-Performance Computing Pilots


The objective of this Noblis Sponsored Research (NSR) project was to provide a method to quickly react to changing federal client needs in the areas of data analytics and high performance computing (HPC).


Noblis’ clients recognize that big data, advanced analytics, and HPC are a new frontier for advancing their individual missions. Through the NSR program, Noblis created high-performance computing pilots in collaboration with potential clients to advance their missions.


This project did not follow the traditional waterfall approach to project coordination. Noblis worked closely with clients to identify the implementations of big data and advanced analytics that represent the greatest return on investment. Each pilot project went through an approval process and subsequently a phase development cycle.


The accomplishments for this project were in the completion of several pilot efforts, including:

  • SpaceManeuvers: Developed and demoed a prototype user interface for the detection of satellite maneuvers using open-source, amateur astronomer data.
  • CHAPPiE Crew: Developed and presented a demo of an automated, open-source data collection system that uses personalities to reduce the ability for discovery.
  • Terminal Buzz: The development of a proof of concept system that includes predictive analytics and a user interface for visualizing the correlation between anomalies in radar data.
  • Kaggle Lung Cancer Challenge: Leveraging Noblis image recognition software on 3-D imaging.
  • Simulating Intrusions of Adversarial Networks (SIAN): The development of a white paper about how machine learning could be used to predict the changes to a software defined network based on external factors. This whitepaper was converted into a full NSR.
  • Sentinel Entity Correlator: Developing a proof of concept that allows for the correlation of entities (cars, computers, phones) from multiple cases.


Noblis Sponsored Research projects are conceptualized and developed with federal agencies and the public interest at top of mind. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach, and can work with your agency to determine how to best tailor our solutions and expertise to your unique needs.

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