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As the technologies, solutions, and systems of yesterday transition from leading edge to legacy, government agencies face the imperative to streamline their business processes, modernize their systems, and transform their operations. Our work in the civil government contributes to transportation systems running smoothly, government agencies managing costs effectively and efficiently, and citizens receiving high-quality, engaging services.

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In this era of dynamic and complex threats to our national security, those who protect our nation must remain on the cutting edge of technology to ensure efficient and secure defense and homeland security operations. The ability to identify, thwart, and respond to bad actors who threaten our nation is crucial. Our multidisciplinary teams of security-cleared experts merge the best of cyber and information security, advanced analytics and bioinformatics, science, and engineering expertise to meet our clients’ evolving needs and advance our nation’s national security missions.

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The digital era has opened the door to an insurmountable amount of data for decision-making but it has also opened the door to threat. As result, the intelligence community is facing unprecedented demands to identify potential threats, evaluate risks, and rapidly respond to unforeseen events. Our extensive experience with enterprise-wide program management and execution of high-consequence acquisitions and investments, coupled with our deep understanding of the intelligence community, makes us a strong, full-lifecycle partner for intelligence missions.

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