Making Cloud Service Invoices Less Cloudy for True Cloud Cost Management

The Challenge

Using cloud technology is the center point of OMB’s plan to reform federal information technology management and lower overall IT costs to the government.  The cloud first mandate has forced agencies to migrate where possible to consumption based cloud services but it has not specified how agencies should make sense of confusing invoices from different Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Many agencies that have migrated now face the challenge of trying to compare CSP invoices that use different names and measures for the same cloud services.  As a result, agencies struggle to manage their cloud budgets, provide contract performance oversight and understand at a fundamental level whether they are realizing cost savings for their cloud based IT services.

The Solution

Noblis Economic Analytics for Decision Support COE has created a solution that helps clients compare and consolidate CSP invoice information into an easy to use cost management dashboard. The dashboard tool goes well beyond commercial CSP invoice managers to offer clients insight across cloud charges and service providers for the first time. By giving our clients the ability to finally gain insight into the cloudy world of CSP invoices, we are enabling clients to truly manage cloud cost performance.