A Quick Look – Why Do Agencies Need Machine Learning in their Cyber Analysts’ Toolkit?

The Challenge

As organizations become more dependent on their enterprise networks to carry out their daily missions, the risks and associated costs of cyber attacks are multiplying. It is crucial for organizations to understand inherent vulnerabilities in their network.

The responsibility to understand and defend against vulnerabilities falls on the shoulders of cyber analysts, who work tirelessly to defend against crippling attacks. However, analysts are in short supply and often overwhelmed by the volume and velocity of data streams they encounter on a daily basis. That’s why cyber attackers find and exploit the weakest part of any cyber security strategy—the overwhelmed human analyst.

The Noblis Solution

Arming the cyber analyst’s toolkit with artificial intelligence techniques magnifies reach, while saving government agencies time and money. This allows analysts to do what they do best—conduct analysis.

Noblis creates algorithms that actively learn patterns in network data to detect the next attack. Using machine learning, cyber analyst can then identify, signal, and implement a response to potential attacks buried in the volume and variety of data they must inspect. This approach empowers cyber analysts to undertake threat analysis at scale, so that an effective neutralizing response can be implemented within a practical timeframe.