Get to Know Noblis: Sarah, Energy Efficiency Program Lead
An Energy Efficiency Program Lead, Discusses Her Career and Dedication to Sustainable and Efficient Solutions for Federal Agencies

Sarah is a Noblis program lead for energy and environment missions. Throughout her career, Sarah has worked with federal clients such as DoD and EPA as well as with industry, manufacturers and energy efficiency advocates. She has experience with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, distributed energy generation, microgrid and storage technologies, energy efficiency standards and specifications, and product certifications. As part of her team, Sarah provides technical and program management support to federal energy and environment programs. Read more about her role and the impact she and her team are making.

Q: Tell us about the work you do at Noblis and how it impacts the challenges our clients face?

A: Noblis offers the opportunities and resources to think outside the box, to address client challenges and support their mission. At Noblis, I work on identifying and providing sustainable and efficient solutions to our clients’ challenges and needs. My work includes research, demonstration and validation of smart, energy efficient and resilient technologies and solutions to build secure and resilient military infrastructures. The research includes identifying cybersecurity solutions to secure infrastructure from outside cyber threats. These innovative solutions strengthen and ensure the clients’ mission readiness. It equips and informs them to make the right decisions in implementing the appropriate advanced solutions to meet their needs.

Q: What most excites you about the future of this field and what Noblis has to offer?

A: This is an exciting time to be in this field. There is a lot of activity around energy efficiency and resiliency, driven by the need to secure energy and water for installations and ensure mission readiness. In addition to physical threats, cybersecurity is another major threat that installations face. As installations and buildings get more and more connected, it is critical to secure the electric grid and building components from cyber-attacks. These challenges offer tremendous opportunity for new creative, disruptive and sustainable solutions and ideas. Through our focus on internal research and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Noblis is constantly exploring new solutions that can help impact client missions. Our work across various agencies and federal organizations gives us a unique insight into common challenges and solutions that can have a wider impact. 

Q: How has working for Noblis influenced who you are professionally and what do you like most about working here?

A:  Noblis offers excellent and unique opportunities to its employees. It has invested in my professional development and continues to strengthen and sharpen my technical and management skillset through ongoing trainings and certifications. It is motivating to see that my values and Noblis’ values align on integrity, loyalty and trust. It helps build strong client relationships and a trusted advisory role. What I like most about Noblis, which sets it apart from others, is the value Noblis sees in its employees and how it invests in the growth and development of its employees to enable and equip them to make a positive impact to the client’s mission.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring engineers working in the defense Industry?

A:  The defense industry offers exciting opportunities and tremendous potential to make a difference. There is a wide array of areas of interest to work at, such as cybersecurity or research and development of resilient solutions, for an engineer of any discipline. It offers a sense of accomplishment working on critical challenges to ensure that the country is secure and ready. My advice is to look for opportunities that meet your passion.