Furthering Veteran Causes with Software Dev Expertise

Noblis team helps build cloud-based tool that benefits veterans and their families

Supporting veteran causes is of great importance to Noblis so when the opportunity arose to help those who help our nation’s service men and women, Noblis answered the call. A team of Noblis developers and analysts are working with the Code of Support Foundation (COSF) on the development of a cloud-based navigation platform called PATRIOTlink. This tool helps make the task of finding and leveraging resources as easy as possible for nonprofit or government service providers who are assisting veterans and their families.

The Noblis team made many functionality enhancements to the tool and are currently in the process of implementing an enhanced user interface (UI), based on results from surveys and user feedback using our own usability best practices. After completing the updated UI, the team will focus on integrating data analytics, dashboards and possible integration with other tools for case management. The tool is currently in use by beta users and will be officially launched Spring 2018.

In addition to this development effort, during our 2017 Summer Internship Program, Noblis ran a hackathon challenge asking interns to develop a PATRIOTlink mobile application. A total of six interns participated in the challenge and as a result developed a total of four distinct applications; three iOS apps and one Andriod app.  These apps will be integrated into one fully functioning app in the future.