Doing What’s Right and What Works for Our Clients

Noblis fosters a culture of collaboration. Through our Centers of Excellence (COEs), we are connecting our staff so that they may better serve our clients. The COEs reach across domain areas and the entire organization to ensure the right capabilities, people, tools, and expertise are applied to our work. This enables us to offer every client the best solutions to fit their needs and challenges. 

Our Centers of Excellence

Compliance issues, time sensitivity, and growing security threats are among many risks that can impact acquisition success. Noblis understands that managing these barriers is a daunting task for contracting professionals. We employ end-to-end support and a world class suite of tools to help agencies manage acquisitions of all sizes, at all phases of the lifecycle including: strategy and planning, solicitation and development, evaluation, and implementation. We are committed to bridging the gap between program offices, contracting officers, and industry to reduce risk and create value for our government clients.

Noblis stands at the forefront in driving innovative CBRNE solutions from lab to mission. Our nation’s homeland security, defense and intelligence leaders face increasingly sophisticated adversaries with deadly chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) weapons. We are uniquely equipped to model, assess, analyze, predict, characterize and deter the full range of CBRNE threats. This complex mission relies on our forward-thinking, sustainable solutions to improve threat awareness, enhance surveillance and detection, and deploy effective countermeasures.

Whether guiding programs, adopting a DevOps culture, or delivering large-scale systems, Noblis’ CMMI-rated, holistic approach to digital services delivers results through strong product management, user-centric design, adaptable agile practices, predictable release cycles, and commitment to quality. The base of cross-domain experts and tools provided by Noblis and our Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE) allows us to deliver innovative digital solutions to clients on an enterprise scale through integration, collaboration, and automation.

Noblis is working with U.S. federal law enforcement, the IC, and defense agencies to provide deep cyber technical expertise and innovative tradecraft and tools. Our integrated set of services, capabilities, and tools allow us to deliver solutions that best serve our clients’ needs. We offer a new breed of tools and techniques to act as a force- multiplier and increase their mission impact. Noblis develops solutions that combine technology and tradecraft to provide cybersecurity at scale, with speed.

Helping clients make sense of the convergence of technology, resources, budget, and cost to recognize value, mitigate risk, plan efficiency, and drive performance across the government enterprise. EADS goes beyond traditional financial analytics to help decision makers understand the potential value and lifecycle cost of an investment for a mission portfolio.

Delivering state-of-the-art high performance computing services, analysis tools, development environments, and expertise to help government agencies with technology solutions that are not only cutting edge, but are also compliant to industry standards. The technology and services that are part of Noblis’ EDGE capabilities make it possible for us to achieve mission success with a solution custom built for our clients. 

Noblis helps government agencies identify the nature, magnitude, and likelihood of risks, identify actions that will mitigate those risks, and use that information to make prudent fiscal decisions and ensure successful mission outcomes. Our solutions increase energy security, help reduce impact on the environment, mitigate the effect of climate change, and ensure efficient use of resources. We are promoting sustainable and resilient mission effectiveness through strategically evaluating, planning, and implementing programs to improve processes and practices, and maximize efficiencies.

Federal agencies are facing greater pressure to produce real-time metrics and demonstrate the return value from their information science investments. Systems engineering is the solution to the system inefficiency challenge.  Noblis has experienced systems engineering professionals who consistently deliver expansive, efficient and integrated systems amongst a variety of government sectors. We deliver adaptable and transferable systems engineering solutions that meet mission requirements at all phases of the lifecycle.

Government agencies face unprecedented opportunity and potential as they modernize and transform their telecommunications networks and systems. Noblis is helping agencies transition legacy telecommunications systems to agile, mobile, cost-effective, and secure technologies that provide maximum reliability and functionality. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of both the technologies and the marketplace to help IT and telecommunications managers achieve modernization transformation.