Managing Long-Term Contracts with Noblis’ Suite of Acquisition Tools

The Challenge

GSA manages Networx, a massive multi-year, multi-faceted contract that provides an array of telecommunication services across government.  The Networx contract is due to expire in 2020, and using the lessons learned from the previous transition to Networx, GSA has developed requirements for Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS), which will provide telecommunication services to agencies through 2032.  The transition from the legacy FTS2001 contract to Networx took over six years to complete.  GSA wants to complete the transition from Networx to EIS in less than half of that time – before the contracts expires in 2020.

The Vision

GSA needed to create a streamlined process for using the EIS contract, while ensuring that solicitations stayed within the scope of the contract.  Competition and flexibility also needed to be increased by awarding EIS to more vendors, to make additional services available to agency customers.

The Noblis Qualifier

Noblis partnered with GSA to develop and manage the Networx contract from its initial conception in the late 1990s through evaluation and award in the mid-2000s through to managing the contract today.  While the government POCs have changed, Noblis has maintained the institutional knowledge for GSA’s telecom programs.  As a result, Noblis was uniquely positioned with tools, expertise, and the data analysis processes to help GSA plan for the next generation EIS contract.  Additionally, as the contract and processes evolved, Noblis continued to develop world-class acquisition and contract management tools to support this effort.

The Solution

Managing a long-term contract with complex, evolving telecom technology is daunting.  EIS covers 15 years, ten vendors, thousands of locations, hundreds of telecom services, and an expectation of hundreds of contract modifications each year. This makes the $50B vehicle one of the most complicated government offerings.  Noblis tools provide GSA with a comprehensive toolkit for the entire contract management process.  Specifically, Noblis developed three core capabilities to assist GSA through our AcquTrak and AcquServe tools.

Our toolkit includes a submission portal for vendors to upload proposals and contract modification requests for new services, locations, and prices.  GSA managers and contracting officers log in securely to assess the modification request, record their decision, and communicate with the offeror during and after modification award.  After the award is made, the system automatically updates the data visible to end-users, giving agencies access to the latest prices and services.

The price, service, and location search features available through AcquServe’s Pricer Tool help agency managers plan telecom network changes, budget for them, and conduct cost comparisons during their task order proposal evaluations and award.  The tool also allows agencies to perform pricing analyses using bid models and telecom traffic models.  With sophisticated mapping technologies and an easy to use interface, the Pricer Tool provides a user-friendly way for agencies to view and evaluate EIS data.

One of the lessons learned from the Networx contract is that agencies want to know if the requirements in their SOW/RFPs are in scope of the contract.  For the EIS contract, GSA promised their agency customers a two-week scope review.  To support this initiative, Noblis developed the SOW Scope Review Tool, a portal where agencies upload SOW/RFP documents and GSA reviews them collaboratively and securely.  Through this cooperative effort, the first GSA scope review of an EIS agency RFP was completed in under two weeks.

The Future

Contract management is not limited to complex telecommunications acquisitions.  In fact, Noblis provides these tools to many federal agencies procuring and managing a wide array of complex, multi-faceted contracts.  The Noblis AcquTrak and AcquServe solution can help streamline contract management from acquisition through to contract close-out.